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NiuIcon.png Niu
Age 14 (at the time of the Pandemonium Meeting)
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation The Guardians
Occupation Battle Mage
The Guardians Leader
Alias Niu the Chaser
Tracker Niu
Location Central Park, Ashen Grave

Niu is one of the most renowned Battle Mages in Pandemonium, having a combat technique named after her. Although Niu is a member of The Guardians, she works alongside Kate and Pai of the Circle Mage, and is shown to be particularly close with the latter. She had connections with Aslan before his fall.


Character Biography:

"I'm going to go on adventures when Pandemonium is at peace."

Female. Age 14 (at the time of the Pandemonium Meeting).
The very first Battle Mage.

During an ambush by the Kashipas, she intuitively learned how to temporarily materialize elemental powers, and incorporate it into the Guardians' unique fighting style, marking the birth of the first Battle Mage in history.
Pretty, kind, and righteous.
She earned the title of Tracker after her first use of Chasers.
She risked her life to go up to the Castle of the Dead and notify Empyrean about Pandemonium's existence.
Currently, she's staying in Central Park and helping Kate resolve strange phenomena in Pandemonium.

Pandemonium Meeting Lore:

This is all my fault.

She means the world to me, and yet I wasn't there to hold her hands when she needed me. I used danger as an excuse to keep her from doing what she wanted. I ignored her desire to help me. This all happened because of the terrible decisions I've made.

But it's not too late. I'll do whatever I can to make things right. I won't let anyone get in the way. Like the first time I took a spear in my hand, just so I could survive, like when I awakened to the power of the Battle Mage to protect everyone, I will rise again. This time, I'll do it for her.

It's not too late. It can't be.

I'm sorry, Pai. From now on, I'll protect you.[2]





Request Chat (Origin)

Central Park

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Niu.png Chat

Thank you for helping Pipi. She's a smart kid, but she can be unpredictable sometimes. Things with Leiyha... Sigh, if she waited just a little bit longer, I could've gone with her.
She's troublesome, but not a bad kid. You've been with her. You know that, right? I hope you'll continue to be a good friend for her.

I once made a contact with Empyrean. I was so excited that I forgot what I had to do. The fact that I made a contact was amazing, but it was nothing compared to the clean ocean I saw. But I couldn't have my fill because Anton was wreaking havoc in Empyrean at that time.

Pai is naturally shy. If she avoids looking at you, that's not because she doesn't like you. When she was young, she used to hide behind me when strangers tried to talk to her.
She's doing much better now. People who don't know her may not agree, but I know she is. I've watched her grow.



Black Market

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Niu.png Chat

Adventurer, please be careful. I haven't found all the traps that the Kashipas set up, and those that I haven't managed to find actually wounded some people who got careless.
Also, the Kashipas haven't completely given up on this place yet. Please stay on guard.

Want to know about the Guardians? They're my friends who have been helping me restore order in Pandemonium.
They're risking their lives to help me with this, too. I'm lucky to have such great friends.

Ricardo? He's been acting hostile toward me since he lost the match with me during the Pandemonium Meeting.
I don't think I deserve such enmity, but I can't talk to him since we don't speak the same language. I haven't met him since then either.
*Sigh* He's just a Kashipa, but still it doesn't feel good to be hated by someone.

What I dreaded has happened. Even though you took care of a significant number of Kashipas here, they're just a fraction of their organization.
Their leaders are so prideful that they rarely mobilize their entire army, and seeing that it's on the move in such a organized fashion and so suddenly... I wonder if Sarpoza has ordered this.

Many magical associations in Pandemonium are watching you, Adventurer. The Circle Mages, led by Kate and Rhum, and us Guardians, for example. All these associations are also at the top of their game.
For now, they're just watching the Kashipas, and things will go bad really quickly for the Kashipas if they ever decide to intervene.



Ashen Grave

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Niu.png Chat

We Guardians weren't strong in the beginning, but we trained hard and eventually mastered the Battle Mage skills. Now we're neck and neck with Kashipa and all other organizations when it comes to physical force.
In other words, we're now strong enough to stop all the injustice that's been plaguing Pandemonium.
I'm proud to be a Guardian and their leader.

What happened in Nighttime Skyscraper has drawn the attention of the other organizations in Pandemonium. One by one, they started moving toward Harlem.
They probably want information. Since the Apostle's egg dropped in Pandemonium, not a day has gone by without some kind of trouble. Everyone must want to find out what in blazes is happening in this place.
*Sigh* And I really hope that's all they want.

Ricardo has disappeared without a trace. Do you think the rumor is true, that the Kashipas really have taken him away?
I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen.

NiuIcon.png Niu It didn't even cross my mind that Pai might follow me to Harlem.
PaiIcon.png Pai I'm sorry...
NiuIcon.png Niu Don't be, Pai. I know you were just worried about me.
I'm sorry that you went through such a terrible thing and I wasn't there to protect you.
PaiIcon.png Pai Niu...
NiuIcon.png Niu Adventurer, I know it's late, but let me thank you for protecting Pai. She means a world to me. If something happened to her-
There are no words to describe my gratitude for you. I'll repay you one day. I promise.

(Post-Pandemonium Meeting)

The Guardians at the Black Market have been ambushed, and all of them have sustained serious injuries.
They're not the only ones. Here and there, small and big organizations are being raided by the Kashipas.
Is Kashipaーno, Sarpozaーwaging war? If it is, why?
Unexplainable things have been happening, and it's as if someone's been orchestrating them.

(Post-Pandemonium Meeting)

Rumor has it that Ricardo went beyond East Harlem, but he hasn't showed up for the Meeting.
His going beyond East Harlem means that he should've returned to Kashipa and showed up for the Meeting, where he could see me and you.
He didn't. What is he up to? Or is he...?
I can't shake off this bad feeling in a corner of my mind.

(Post-Pandemonium Meeting)

We took care of Walkman and Sergei, but Kephadona got away while we were distracted by the other two. She was seen running in the direction of East Harlem.
She was critically wounded, but she managed to run away so quickly. Unbelievable!
If she really returned to East Harlem, then we might see her again, right? I won't let her get away again next time.

(Post-Pandemonium Meeting)

I still don't think what Pai did was wrong, and Kate took her without asking me first to punish her. I don't understand.
Balance between the organizations? A negotiation to stop things from getting worse? Neither makes sense to me. Even if Pai was in the wrong, Kate should've taken her side. At least we should've.



Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue




Conversation Start




Conversation End




Speech Bubble Dialogue

Ashen Grave

  • Adventurer, we must hurry.
  • Are you ready?
  • Slenikon has arrived. Let me guide you.

As an Enemy

No icon available
Named Monster
Niu Monster Sprite.gif

Niu is a named monster who is in constant Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status). After a certain amount of time has passed, or once Niu has taken a certain amount of damage, Niu will teleport to the center of the stage and undergo Teana Transformation.png Teana Transformation.

Move Set

Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Skill names may be incorrect. What do the Chasers do in Teana mode?

  • Chaser Launcher.png Chaser Launcher Whenever Niu successfully lands a hit, she will release a large Chaser that tracks the player. In Teana mode, this skill is replaced with Chasers.
  • Meteor Assault.png Meteor Assault Niu dashes forward while stabbing her spear. She may dash multiple times in succession. In Teana mode, this attack covers a greater range and is significantly faster.
  • Double Swing.png Double Swing Niu dashes towards the player and quickly swings her spear downwards twice. She may occasionally follow up with a Upward Swing.
  • Chaser Press.png Chaser Press Niu quickly strikes downwards, creating a shock wave.
  • Full Swing.png Full Swing Niu dashes towards the player and quickly swings at a frontal area.
  • Upward Swing: Niu swings her spear upward, pushing the player a fair distance away.
  • Stab: Niu stabs once with her spear. She may occasionally follow up with a Full Swing.
  • Wide Swing: Niu swings her spear in a diagonally-downward arc.

Teana-exclusive Attacks:

  • Punto Wave.png Punto Wave: Niu dashes forward and jabs multiple times in quick succession, finishing off with a big swing.
  • Consecutive Slashes: Niu swings her spear four times in quick succession. She may occasionally follow up with Meteor Assault.
  • Chasers: Whenever Niu successfully lands a hit, a large Chaser will form behind her.
  • Quasar Explosion.png Quasar Explosion! Niu gathers energy into a large quasar and explodes it, dealing damage to a large area around her.


  • Many of Niu's attacks can be avoided by moving up and down vertically.
  • Niu will knock the player down right before she casts Quasar Explosion.png Quasar Explosion. The player should use Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound and hold the skill until Niu's attack is over.




  • In the KDnF version, Pai's dialogue refers to Niu as "니우 언니" which means "big sister Niu".
  • Niu's name is of Chinese origins that's actually a last name meaning either "Cow", "Bull" or "Ox".
  • Niu's Teana transformation bears a great similarity to the Battle Mage's Presencia.png Presencia form.