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PipiIcon.png Pipi
Age ?
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Summoner, Student of Kate, APC
Alias N/A
Location Central Park

Pipi is a summoner under of tutelage of Summoner Kate. She is first encountered in the scenario quests in Chamber of Terror looking for her friend Leiyha





Conversation start in Central Park

  • Oh, are you tired? You don't look well. You'd better rest before you leave. Sometimes a tiny mistake leads to a huge catastrophe. Or so my sister used to say. Gosh, I hated every time she lectured me, and now I'm lecturing you.
  • How are things inside the Castle of the Dead? Niu told me, but she couldn't have gone to more places than you did. She said there was a fountain gushing out apple juice, a dragon made of pure gold, and a clown who could do cartwheels while singing. Have you seen any of them?
  • Ugh, my ears are still ringing from all the scolding I got. I tried to explain, only to get yelled at further for acting on my own. Well, I know what I did is wrong, but... Sigh. I wanted to solve everything and come back triumphant. I've failed myself. How embarrassing! I was lucky to meet you. Actually I could've died if it weren't for you. *Shudder* That's not a nice thought.



Default Christmas Summer Lunar New Year


Pipi Full Portrait.jpg