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Oblivious Aslan

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Oblivious Aslan
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Born in Arad, Aslan is a Exorcist who despises magic and hated the Apostles, especially Hilder because he saw her as the original source of magic. Aslan used his rosary to focus on physical skills instead and his goal is to defeat Apostles such as Delezie and Anton. As a former follower to the Order of Priests, Aslan was confused when he sensed the Black Nightmare that was leaking through the Interdimensional Rift as it's influence made him vow to get strong enough in order to seal all evil of this world.

Michael noticed that Aslan was changing due to some dark powers, but he didn’t care much because it was different to Ozma's Blood Curse. He would later leave the Order with these words “The Black Reaper calls me”. He became an acquaintance to Niu and her group when he rescued them in Pandemonium, but ends up fully corrupted and later remodeled by Luke through the Black Nightmare’s influence.

Move Set

Aslan will battle using his own variations of his subclass' skills.

  • Red Phoenix Amulet.png Red Phoenix Amulet: Aslan will charge up his arm cannon and shoots out a giant flaming bird projectile that flies forwards and randomly places fire pits on the ground. While the bird itself is avoidable, touching those fire pits will cause moderate damage, hitstun including Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).
  • White Tiger.png White Tiger: This attack is similar to Red Phoenix, except that he'll pull in players and shoots out a slow moving white tiger projectile for moderate damage.
  • Black Tortoise.png Black Tortoise: Aslan slams ground with his arm cannon and summons three purple turtle shells, coming in contact with this move holds players and activates a green shield that'll randomly spawn around the room with a gauge below saying "Activated the reaper's call." which also makes Aslan invulnerable. This must be destroyed immediately or if the casting is full, he'll use Blue Dragon.
  • Melee: In close range, Aslan can either hit players back with his arm cannon or use a close ranged shockwave in the center room for minor damage.
  • Black Sphere: Aslan becomes invulnerable and summons a black sphere. This sphere follows one player throughout the room for awhile and if they come in contact, that player is captured as Aslan teleports behind them and attack at close range.
  • Magic Circle: Aslan will enter a charging up position where his Rosary starts to spin around him and a circle beneath him appears. If players are in close range of the circle, they'll be inflicted with a silent status which prevents them from using skills. This can be removed by using a Toy of Sparkling World.png Toy of Sparkling World.
  • Berserk
    • Magic Absorption: Although Aslan is vulnerable to magic damage, but each time he is damaged by a magical-specific skill, Aslan goes into a invulnerable state for 3 seconds as he absorbs the attack converting it into his berserk gauge. If the gauge maxes out due to constant absorption, he'll prepare Blue Dragon.
    • Blue Dragon: Aslan will charge up his cannon and slams the ground, creating black spikes that can juggle players for minor damage. Then he'll bring a blue dragon out of his body and performs an identical Oracle- Dragon Thunderstorm.png Oracle: Dragon Thunderstorm room-wipe attack to kill the entire party. Before this, there are four barriers spawned in the corner similar to Annihilator Nerbe's Lighting Flash pattern. So each player must occupy their own respective corner to be protected from it. Those who aren't in one will receive a Confusion (Status).png Confusion (Status), with lightning bolts dropping down to inflict moderate to heavy damage with hitstun.


  • Aslan himself is not a very difficult boss fight with non-fatal attack patterns, but magic-specific classes can have a hard time trying to prevent him from using his berserk.
  • It's recommended that you bring a physical-specific class that's able to dispatch of him without any issues.
  • Using holds are also encouraged which can keep Aslan from using any of his patterns which can make things a lot more easier.




  • Aslan is actually a very old character that existed during the pre-Metastasis story at one point.
  • He represents the Hierophant tarot card.
  • His name is Turkish for Lion.