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Kashipa Headquarters located in the East Harlem.

Kashipa, originated from a group of inferior mages in Bronx, is one of the five magical dominant factions in Pandemonium that participated in the First Pandemonium Assembly to procure the Water of Life. After the Assembly they obtained Harlem area's sovereignty, also gained political power through High Mage Moah's discovery of the Abyss. These mages are notoriously known for their powerful dark magic. They are predominantly featured in the Harlem quest chain.

The group is known as an object of fear and has the most extensive organization in Pandemonium.

Notable Members


Combat Units

Killer Units

Looting Units

  • Trauma Yom — Leader of the elite 'Ya-ma' unit who runs the Royal Casino along with its underground Fight Club.
  • Silent Sergei - Leader of the elite 'Bluescar' unit. Serves as one of the chief combatants in the Second Pandemonium Assembly.
  • Zealous Dieuleve — Leader of the mid-ranked 'Gray' unit who worships a devil god and manages Total Eclipse, the slave market in Harlem.
  • White Rust Sisley - A Geniewiz adept at concealment magic. Originally from the organization known as "Devil Girls", Sisley's unabated studies into Homunculi earned her the ire of Hilder causing the latter to send pursuers to stop her research. Sisley fled to Kashipa to continue her work, eventually becoming the leader of the mid-ranked 'Rust' unit. She creates a "perfect homunculus body", a girl named "Laura", who later escapes and meets the adventurer both in the Wind Canyon and later when the adventurer is making their way through the Kashipa's stronghold in Harlem. Serves as one of the bosses of Operation: Hope.
  • Silver Light Tagor — Leader of the low-ranked 'Skull Bird' unit who maintains the appearance of a harmless woman while hiding her lust for power. She serves at the boss of District 9.
  • Heavy Teacher — Leader of the low-ranked 'One-Bite' unit. Serves as one of the bosses of Operation: Hope.

Prey-Isys Raid

  • Aries Kelly — A Geniewiz who joined the Kashipa out of survival after losing her family and disappeared. Appears as the boss of Magic Tower of Tranquility.
  • Villainess Greta — A presumed former researcher at one of Kashipa's Labs who studied demonology. After coming across Isys' powers, she stole the scythe that belonged to a demon, killed the researchers and burned down the lab. Appears as the boss of Magic Tower of the Void.




  • High Mage Moah — Leader of the combat unit 'Specter' and the inventor of the Abyss, which is the source of magic for all Male Mage classes. She is the teacher of the Male Mage and is eventually killed by Ricardo.
  • Janssen — A friend of the Male Mage who was killed during infighting.