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Water of Life

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The Water of Eternal Life

The Water of Life or Life Water is a legendary magical elixir from Pandemonium that is said to grant the one who drinks it eternal life. For that reason it is also known as the "Water of Eternal Life".


Its origins date back long before the events of the in-game story, rumored to having been discovered by the Second Apostle Keening Hilder. As Pandemonium drifted through dimensional space, it was used as a negotiation tool to persuade certain creatures to remain in Pandemonium during Hilder's quest to find the Apostles. An example of such a creature would be the First Apostle, Cain.

Due to its rumored powers of granting eternal life, there have been many incidents surrounding this mythological elixir, being the main objective for the Dragon War and the First Pandemonium Assembly.

Although it is said Hilder discovered the elixir, currently, the only person who knows its location is Iris Fortunesinger. That being said, the relationship between Iris and Hilder remains unclear...