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First Pandemonium Assembly

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The First Pandemonium Assembly was an event that was held by Iris to settle the escalating disputes between the major magical factions of Pandemonium. This Assembly set the foundation of conduct between the factions as well as regulated the size of their respective territories based on a display of skill via a tournament. As an extra means of motivation for the factions to participate, Iris offered as a prize the knowledge of the legendary elixir, the Water of Life, to the winner.


In order to prevent the recurrence of another conflict like the Dragon War in Pandemonium, Iris, the leader of the Bakal Resistance forces, convened a meeting between the magical factions known as the First Pandemonium Assembly.

At this meeting, after much discussion by all the participants, not only were the rules of arbitration settled upon between the factions, but also, it agreed to adjust each faction's territory and rights based on a test of their combat prowess in a tournament.

To this end, representatives from each faction were chosen to participate in this test: Iris of the Terra Cotta, Heart Destroyer Ricardo of the Kashipa, Ikki of the Antiquity Library, Rhum of the Circle Mages, and Niu of the Guardians.

Through several of the rounds, Niu used her dazzling skills to win battle after battle, almost securing her victory in the tournament. However, in the final match between Niu and Iris, a spectacular battle unfolded to which many people still talk about; Niu was finally defeated by Iris with the power of her unique instrument.

After the end of the Assembly, the victor was granted ownership of the information of the Water of Life, to which Iris has kept in her possession to this day.


In Arad Year 980, High Mage Moah of the Kashipa discovered the power of the Abyss, marking the beginning of a new age in Pandemonium. The Kashipa, which had once been perceived as a group of inferior mages who resided in Harlem, used its powers to challenge the authority of its rival magical factions. Led by the Spell Deceiver Zasura, they used the Abyss to invade other neighboring factions' territory, spreading their influence into Brooklyn and Central Park. Members of the Terra Cotta and Circle Mages met their forces, but did so without the intention of escalating the conflict into a full-scale war.

Years passed, and the casualties from the Kashipa raids on the common-folk grew. To this end, a rag-tag group of mages formed the organization called the Guardians to help fight the Kashipa and protect the innocent and defenseless. Although initially viewed as group of incompetent mages on a fool's errand, in one of the skirmishes against the Kashipa, one of its members named Niu unlocked the powers of Chaser Magic and became the first Battle Mage in Arad Year 983. Additionally, within one year, one of its members, referred to as 'Bellatrix', was rumored to have unlocked the hidden powers of the Chaser, allowing her to transform into the mythological, Teana.

The addition of these new, powerful destructive forms of magic created paranoia within Pandemonium. Fears grew that the continuing strife would eventually escalate into full-scale war like Apostle Bakal's Dragon War that occurred a thousand years ago. To prevent such an event from occurring again, Iris intervened and hosted the First Pandemonium Assembly.

As a result of the Assembly, much of the conflict between the factions ceased. Lesser viewed factions such as the Kashipa, the Antiquity Library, and the Guardians were able to demonstrate their strength and abilities to the entirety of Pandemonium, and gain the respect of the other factions alike. The effects of the negotiations would temporarily maintain peace within Pandemonium until Arad Year 1006, the beginning of the Pandemonium War.

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