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Iris Fortune Singer

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IrisIcon.png Iris Fortune Singer
Age Unknown, appears to be in early 20s
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Terra Cotta
Occupation Fortune Teller
Alias N/A
Location West Coast Mage Guild, Time Gate - Requiem
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Iris Fortune Singer is a Pandemonian Elementalist, a bard, and a fortune teller. This mysterious fortune teller appeared in Arad all of a sudden and became famous almost overnight. Since her mysterious appearance in Arad, she has been actively predicting people's fortunes. Her flawless fortune-telling is highly regarded by the Empire's high-ranking aristocrats and the Dark Elves alike, to the point where they rely on her divinations to make their political decisions. Possibly due to her Pandemonian background, she is well-versed in the subject of the Apostles and helps Dungeon Fighters who seek to defeat them. Providing key information and destinations of interest, she is surely one of the most influential and powerful people in Arad. Despite this distinction, however, little is known about her past.

Iris is a member of the Mage Guild in West Coast, and is a vital figure as you enter the Time Gate later on.

During the Great Metastasis, Iris resided in Underfoot King's Road.


  • Sells Requiem weapons and Liberation recipes.
  • Allows replay of cinematics.


Request Chat (Underfoot)

  • My readings aren't always sad or happy.
Some believe our future is predestined while others think it's a result of random occurrences.
Those who listen to my readings can decide whichever they want to believe.
  • The wind has brought a sad story from a far place. Marrelete is telling it in her beautiful singing voice.
Don't be sad. Death and life are only two beginnings connected by a long road.
  • You have a question deep in your mind. You may not have realized this, but that question is what has brought you here.
Your identity. The meaning of others in your life. The injustice of the world. Or whatever else your question is, the time has come for you to fight to solve it.

Request Chat (Time Gate - Requiem)

  • I was an inanimate puppet before Hilder gave me life.
Her power is endless.
  • Hilder used to smile at me sometimes. Was she lying to me, then?
I thought she and I were friends, but I was just a puppet to her after all.
  • Only Marrelete can soothe my soul. She's the reason I can sing.
I fear she might leave me someday.
  • I'm glad the air is still.
I don't want to hear anything the wind has to tell me.


  • I can see everything.
  • Nature is whispering something to me.
  • The sky, the land, the wind, all will show you the way.
  • I'm drifting away with the clouds.

Conversation start

  • Welcome. Are you curious about your future?
  • Aren't you just dying to hear me play the marrelete?
  • What are you feeling at the moment? Don't hide anything.
  • Can you leave your body in the hands of eternal time?
  • My name is Iris Fortune Singer. I sing the fortunes of people.

Conversation end

  • Will you smile? Or will you cry?
  • Everything is predestined.
  • The wind will be with you today, and the stars will guide you tomorrow.
  • My prophecies are never wrong.



Iris's dialogue window

Iris's half body portrait

Iris's full body portrait and concept work

Iris's alternate portrait

Facial expressions

Iris in the Time Gate scenario under a shroud.

Iris as a boss monster

Boss dialogue portrait

2022 Iris Full Body


Default Summer Halloween Christmas Lunar Festival Boss Monster

As an Enemy

Icon-Iris Fortune Singer.png
Iris Fortune Singer
TypeHybrid.png TypeHuman.png

Move List



  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.



  • Iris gets her name from both flower due to it's Violet color scheme and the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow and messenger.
  • Her Halloween event sprite could likely be a reference to Sadako Yamamura, the main antagonist of the Ring franchise.
  • Her outfit appears in the EX: Doppelganger package for Female Priest.