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Spell Deceiver Zasura

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Spell Deceiver Zasura
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Kashipa (Formerly)
Occupation Mage,
Kashipa Leader (Formerly)
Twin Barrel Unit Leader (Formerly)
Location Harlem, Black Market
I feel as if I've been reborn.

Spell Deceiver Zasura is the younger twin sister of Triplicate Moah and the former leader of the Kashipa. Once the head of the missing combat unit: 'Twin Barrel', she was known to have many skirmishes with the Guardians led by Niu. Some time before the events of the main story, she was replaced by Sarpoza, the Black Eye and from then on, her whereabouts became unknown.



Inequality exists in the world.
Despite eating the same thing, hearing the same thing, and learning the same thing, the same result cannot be made.
Then all I to do is disrupt that. Before that superior result comes out.
Cowardice? Etiquette between magicians? Those are all just lies.
Whatever happens, the last one standing is the winner.
'Spell Deceiver', 'Spell Canceler'? Fine. Call me whatever you want.
I know about the fears hidden behind your contempt.
I will see with my own eyes as your confident face dies off, drenched in fear.

Character Biography:

"I feel as if I've been reborn."

The former leader of Kashipa and a leader of Twin Barrels that doesn't exist anymore. The twin sister of Triplicate Moa, Zasura led the Kashipa with her sister.

When the Abyss was discovered, she wanted to make the best use of it. She even had it implanted in her. But the side effects from the Abyss killed so many men that Moa wanted to quit messing with it and stop the implantation.
The sisters, who didn't get along well to begin with, went and opposed each other on this, even splitting their organization into two factions, but eventually Zasura accepted Moa's demand, only to lose the leader position to Sarpoza, who had replaced his eyes with the Abyss.
During this process, Triplicate Moa was murdered by Ricardo, and Zasura got her mana sealed and was tortured by the leaders of Kashipa, including Sarpoza. They turned her into a monster, experimented on her, and then sold her off to Dark City as a slave. There, she was saved by the Adventurer and stayed in the Black market under the pseudonym Ceberin.
Currently, she's recovered her original appearance and is trying to make the best of this new chance at life.


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Request Chat

  • I'm grateful for you guys. I couldn't have returned to my old self if it weren't for you.
Niu? I'm still angry at how she treated me, but she also helped me get back to normal. I'll forgive her in due time.
Besides, I don't feel right about kicking her when she's down. It's a shame, really, what happened to the kid that she loves so much.
  • You look surprised. Ho ho ho.
Yes, this is how I really look. I only looked like a monster because those dratted Kashipas played a magical trick on me when they dragged me down.
That's never going to happen again, though. I'll make sure of it.
  • Kashipa can't last, now that Sarpoza and its other executives are gone. Soon, the beasts will break out of their cages and scatter across Pandemonium,
creating their own packs. Some of them will grow big enough to replace Kashipa.
That's exactly why the elimination of the old oppression can't be celebrated. As irritating as it is to admit, the Dark Eyes kept a tight reign on those beasts... and used them against Pandemonium, of course.
They must be leashed again, and I'll be the one doing it. I'm still recovering from the magic that those dirtbags cast on me, but I've recovered enough strength to take on small fry.

Conversation start

  • What should I do? Let's hear it.
  • I have to make amends to the innocent... What would our Adventurer like?
  • You came to see me?

Conversation end

  • Come back if you need help, anything is possible now.
  • Come again any time!
  • Goodbye~ Maybe we'll meet as enemies next time? (Laughs) I'm kidding.

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  • Her name which is spelt "Jasura" is of Arabic orgin given to girls meaning "One of Great Courage".
  • In the KDnF version, Zasura's dialogue refers to Moah as "언니" which means "older sister".