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Laura is a mysterious girl that the Adventurer comes across during Wind Canyon during their quest in Pandemonium and later Harlem.

Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Ancient Library
Occupation Mage, Lab Assistant (Formerly)
Alias N/A
Location Pandemonium, Harlem


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Laura is a Homunculus created by White Rust Sisley during her time in the Kashipa after years of researching Homunculi, resulting in her making the "perfect" host body and stamping the Devil Girl's emblem on the back of her neck as proof of a masterpiece. She was given free will and treated like an assistant while taught about magic and the Homunculi, but ran away after discovering her creator's true intentions on possessing her.

During the Adventurer's journey through Metro Center, Laura first approaches them in Wind Canyon by introducing herself as an innocent nomad who escape from her village that was destroyed by Gragol and asked for their help to save her brother and defeat the monsters there turned out to be a lie. While accompanying them, they deal with the Garuda Queen, Suparna along with her servant Valgur to attack the duo, but somehow the beast is stopped by the Bell of Obedience which catches Laura's curiosity.

She heard from a friend that Garuda feathers can be used to fill up the bell's magic that's currently in a weakened state and so the Adventurer heads back into the Canyon to collect them, eventually stopping Valgur and defeating Suparna in the process. Later on, Laura asked if she could use the bell and escape on Valgur until Azalea uncovers her suspicious plot that involves her luring them into a trap while persuading the Garuda Queen to attack and steal the bell which didn't go as smoothly. Despite the failed plan, Laura decides to leave and promises killing her savior should they meet again.

While fighting their way around Harlem, the Adventurer eventually encounters Laura for a second time in District 9 when she comes across Tagor's ward and runs off after nearly being attacked by Demon Sworder Chermak. When the Adventurer and Pai revisits the ward, Laura chats with them and denies being a Kashipa after Pai questioned her, but she does ask for forgiveness after the threat she made back in Metro Center by making a proposition to help out freeing slaves and destroy the ward that protects Royal Casino's entrance.

Laura later reappears inside the Casino where she hears the Adventurer is participating in Fight Club, Ceberin is able to sense her concealed magic which she calls "unpleasant" and aware that only the Kashipas are capable of using such antiquated spells which Laura applauds to and calls out the weakened mage as a Kashipa. After the awkward silence, She still wants to offer her help, but chooses to depart once more after the Adventurer gets announced to compete.

During the Second Pandemonium Meeting events, she is seen hiding behind some bushes spying on the Adventurer before running off again. When the Adventurer accompanied by Ikki the Vikki enter The Academy, Laura is seen trying to escape from Sisley who's still persistent on obtaining her body only to be saved by the duo. While passed out, Ikki notices something and remarks that she isn't human as she volunteers taking her back to Ancient Library for protection.

After the conclusion of Pandemonium War, Laura awakens and starts revealing not only her past towards the Adventurer, Ikki and Monica, but she actually planned to rebel against Sisley by sneaking into East Harlem and freeing the homunculi from her creator's cruel research. With Ikki's mercy and persuasion, Monica albeit concerned does accept Laura into the Ancient Library family as long as she keeps her true identity a secret from their members.




  • Her name is a feminized form of laurus, Latin for "bay laurel plant", which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame as this ties into the connection with Sisley who she resembles along with her creator's moniker that involves plants.
  • Azalea & Ceberin are the only two NPCs that are able to sense Laura's concealed magic during their respective conversations.