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Ancient Library (Faction)

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The Ancient Library, also referred to as the Antiquity Library, is one of the five original magical factions that participated in the First Pandemonium Assembly. They are a group comprised of Witches and those who study "Witchcraft". Its headquarters is located in the outer periphery of Central Park, and its current leader is Monica.


This place houses the few surviving records of the high-tech civilization of Ancient Terra.
It's also the center of the movement to study the civilization and science of Terra.
People call this movement "Witchcraft," and those who study it the Witches.
Every day, more Witches are coming to the Ancient Library to study the scientific civilization and create and test various inventions.

It is a place that houses the few records regarding the science and technology of the once prosperous civilization of Ancient Terra.
Although most of the records have been lost, there has been a recent movement to study the past civilization and its sciences, centered around the Ancient Library with what little ancient records remain.
People call it "Witchcraft".

Witchcraft Lore:

Long ago, the predecessor of Pandemonium, Terra, once established a brilliant scientific civilization. Later, after transforming into Pandemonium, some mages gradually gained interest in the collections of the Ancient Library of Terra. For a long time, these studies were met with the cold shoulder by the rest of the magical community, but at long last, its day had arrived. At the age of 12, Monica showed the world the limits of its power, and finally others also began to recognize the implications of Witchcraft. Since then, it marked the beginning of the Witch's debut in history as a member of the mainstream mages.[3]


Notable Members