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Ikki the Vikki

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Ikki the Vikki
Age 18
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Ancient Library (Faction)
Occupation Witch
Alias N/A
Location Elting Memorial

Ikki the Vikki is a talented and highly curious Witch who is a member of the Ancient Library (Faction). Her mischievous nature gets her in trouble often, leaving an exasperated Phillip Ram to clean up after her messes. She holds great respect for Monica, but is not above throwing a tantrum or rebelling when things don't go her way.


Pandemonium Meeting Lore:

"La, la, la... Hm, hm, hm..."
"Stop singing and focus. I'll check to see if you really checked everything thoroughly."

"Sheesh, okay, okay! Stop nagging me and go away, Ram!"

Ugh, Ikki's the best in the Ancient Library when it comes to yelling. When it comes to the little details, not so much. I'm always worried that she might end up inside the burning furnace. She's so tiny and fragile.

"We can't afford any mistakes at the Meeting this time."
"I'm telling you, this machine is flawless. And look, I've named it MK-ll!"
"Yes. It's an improved version of the MK-l, from the last Meeting. Cool, huh?"
"What does MK stand for?"

Ikki's red eyes shift sideways as she thinks. She's so predictable! I know MK doesn't mean anything. Ikki's never been that big on the details.

"...It's none of your business!"
I don't respond.
"Does it even matter? What matters is that the name sounds cool. I could always think of its meaning later. MK could mean... err... mm..."
"Want me to help?"
"No, thanks! And stop messing with me, or..."
Ikki leaps to her feet and stomps toward me. Uh-oh, she's got a tool in her hand. I'd better run.
"...I'll turn you into a frog!"
Being a frog is not pleasant, but I'd want to be a frog if it means I could follow her to the Meeting.
I hope everything will go well at the Meeting, so she doesn't have to use that gigantic machine. I hope every member of the Ancient Library can come back home safely.

Character Biography:

"Witchcraft is what I love most in the world!"

Female. Age 18.
A Witch staying in the Ancient Library with Monica and Phillip Ram.

She loves sneakily fighting by shifting phases, and looks at the world with curiosity in her eyes. She's as good at casting magic as she is at creating and improving Witchcraft machines.
During the First Pandemonium Meeting, she fought Niu as the representative of the Ancient Library, and she could've won the match if it weren't for the tiny flaw in her Witchcraft machine. Hilarious and always smiling, she's a mischievous imp who revels in turning arrogant people into frogs.


A former residence of the Brooklyn slums, Ikki was always interested in the old technology from Terra. She was very adamant about refusing to study magic, and turned away anyone from the magic school who tried to recruit her. She was taken under the wing of Monica and, not too long after, formally became a member of the Ancient Library.

Having suffered a great defeat in the First Pandemonium Assembly, Ikki is eager to try her hand again at the Second Pandemonium Assembly, much to the reluctance of her guardian figures.


Request Chat

  • You're curious about the Ancient Library? It's just a library. Mm, I don't know what to tell you... Oh, wait! I know! Just give me a moment!
Mm, it's filled with books, smells like dust, and erm... Ah, and if you want to play, you'd better play quietly, or Monica will give you a hard time.
And erm... Argh, can't I just show you around later? You can see it for yourself. It's a wonderful place!
  • Did you know Ricardo went away with the power that the Apostle left behind? Then, what about the bearded man who kidnapped him? Have you seen him before?
I didn't know any of that. I still don't know much about it, either. Everyone's worried and I want to make their worries go away, but...
Bah, I don't know how, though! Maybe I should turn anyone who looks like a bad guy into a frog. That should help, right?
  • Not all the Witches of Elting Memorial have broken the rules and are the bad guys. As far as I know, every kid here is a good Witch. They just love showing around their machines and telling new stories that they've heard.
You'd better not bully my friends without checking all the facts!
  • Huh? My gloves? Yes, I made them myself. Awesome, aren't they? There's a reason I'm called the genius-huh?
What? You've seen them before. Wh-where? I thought only I could create these. I used my special secret technology-
Ah, right! I almost forgot I had a few incomplete versions of these gloves. I had to test them a few times before I could create the best pair.
Or... is it possible you saw the gloves that I gave Monica? Is that why she said she'd never had anything like them before?
Adventurer, if you see the gloves again, could you bring them to me? I want to see them with my own eyes. Teehee, thanks!

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • Adventurer! Have you heard from Niu? Have you seen anyone who looks even remotely close to her?
I wasn't close to her, but I wanted to show her all my machines...
Bah, forget it! I'm not going to worry. She's strong enough to fight my machines, so there's no way she'd disappear so easily. She's also the first Tea-Tea...
Teana! Yes, she's the first Tana. I bet she's alive and well somewhere. I know she'll be back!
  • You won't tell anyone that Laura will stay with us Witches of the Ancient Library, right?
Heh heh, thanks! I knew you wouldn't.
I don't know why homunculi is banned in Pandemonium. If everyone opened their minds and talked to Laura, they would realize homunculi are just like us, capable of thinking and emotions.
Maybe that's why. They resemble us too closely, so...
Gah, I don't know! I just don't think Laura is in the wrong. If anyone is wrong, it's Sisley, who treated Laura as if she's just a part for a machine.
  • That Terra Cotta girl is different from the others.
I mean, Razin. Compared to the other Terra Cotta mages I've met, um, she's... I don't know, she's got a different aura, I guess?
Sheesh, I don't know what I'm talking about! I know most geniuses don't have common sense, but I'm not like that.
Hmpf, anyway, I think it's safe to get close to that Terra Cotta girl. You can count on me. My intuition is never wrong!

Voice Lines Idle

  • *Yawn* It's so boring...
  • Witchcraft is the most interesting thing in the world!
  • Hmph, it's boring with nobody around to bully.

Conversation Start

  • Need this genius's help?
  • Eh? Is there something fun you need done? Let me, let me, I'll do it!
  • Oh! There's a frog on your head! Haha, I tricked you! Hahaha!

Conversation End

  • Bye-bye! Come back soon!
  • Next time we talk, why don't you bring me some candy too?

As an Enemy

No icon available
Ikki the Vikki
Named Monster

Ikki the Vikki is one of the potential encounters in the Stadium dungeon. She is a named monster who is in constant Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status). When the battle begins, she will assemble and enter her MK-II machine.

Move Set

  • Pluto Punch: Ikki dashes towards the player and throws a strong punch at the ground with her machine.
  • Three-Punch Combo: Ikki throws three Pluto Punches one after another. The third punch has a slightly longer windup time than the previous two punches, and pushes Ikki back a great distance afterwards. It also remains on the field for the rest of the match.
  • Explosion: Ikki sets her machine ablaze, causing a short flame explosion that deals AoE damage around her.
  • Flamethrower: Ikki's machine 'inhales', creating a strong suction for a brief moment. Then, it 'exhales' a powerful flame that covers great frontal range. This attack pushes her back slightly.
  • Electric Field: Ikki's machine swings its arm up and slams it on the ground, creating a field of electric sparks that deal multiple hits of damage.
  • Dual Megadrill: Ikki charges forward with a set of drills on the front of her machine.
  • Hyper Electric Rabbit: Ikki summons a machine rabbit that causes continuous high-voltage shocks. It is similar to Florae Electric Rabbit.png Florae Electric Rabbit, but has greater range and lasts indefinitely.
  • Raging Super Heat Furnace: Ikki's machine spews out numerous hot coals.




  • Ikki's name is of Japanese origin given to boys that comes with different meanings going with radiance, shine, sparkle, brilliance while Vikki is a shorten variant of Victoria and meaning Victory or Triumphant.
  • In her sprites and artwork, Ikki is always seen wielding something Frog-related attatched to her as this is based upon how Frogs in magic folklore are commonly associated through Witchcraft.