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Phillip Ram

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Phillip Ram
Age 23
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Alchemist
Alias N/A
Location Ancient Library

Phillip Ram is one of the highest members and leading scholars of the Ancient Library. Unlike his colleague, Ikki the Vikki, he has no interest in magic machinery, but rather studies the fields of alchemy and familiars.


Character Biography:

Male/Age 23.
A mage who resides in the Ancient Library with Monica and Ikki. He is also the first disciple whom Monica, the director of the Ancient Library, recruited.
Unlike Ikki, who has talent for machinery, he is interested in the fields of alchemy and familiars, and is fascinated in such related books.
Once he becomes engrossed into something, he could spend days and nights staring with open eyes, devoting himself to his research.
Although he is tired every day due to being caught up in Ikki's mischief, he is willing to protect his livelihood in the Ancient Library more than anyone else.


At an early age, Phillip Ram was recruited by Monica to join her on the pursuit of knowledge at the Ancient Library. There, he met interesting like minded individuals like Ikki, and was able to fully pursue his interests without restraint.

During the events of the Second Pandemonium Assembly, Ram was put in charge of defending the Library should anything go wrong while Monica and Ikki were away. After the Kashipa issued their declaration of war, Ram successfully held off the Kashipa forces, preventing them from destroying the place he held so dear.

After the Pandemonium War, Ram spent his time recovering from his wounds while helping rebuild the Library. Upon meeting its new member Laura, he welcomed her into the organization with open arms.