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Elting Memorial

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Elting Memorial
Location Pandemonium
Level Requirement Level 95
NPCs Ikki the Vikki, Returning Razin, Monica
Areas East Harlem
Ashen Grave

Elting Memorial is an area located to the west of Ashen Grave and serves as a neutral party under the Kashipa's control. Similar to the Ancient Library, it is a haven for Witches who pursue curiosity and knowledge. However, due to comprising mostly of former Devil Girl enthusiasts, its researchers delve into the forbidden craft of Homunculus research, which was banned throughout Pandemonium by the Second Apostle Keening Hilder. During the events of the Pandemonium War, it serves as the gateway to East Harlem.




Portrait Name Occupation Location
x100px Ikki the Vikki Witch, APC Elting Memorial
Razin Razin Elementalist, APC Elting Memorial
x100px Monica Witch, APC, Head of the Ancient Library Elting Memorial

East Harlem

East Harlem is the dungeon area in Elting Memorial. Players must be level 95 and have completed all the epic quests in Stadium before they can enter this area.