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Ashen Grave

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Ashen Grave
Ashen Grave Loading Screen.png
Location Pandemonium
Level Requirement Level 95
NPCs Niu, Arthur, Flower Queen Blossom, Celestial Archer Alexandra
Areas Nighttime Skyscraper
Black Market
Elting Memorial
I hereby forbid homunculus research in memory of those who died without getting the treatment that they deserved.

Ashen Grave is a bleak graveyard near the Black Market. Players can travel to Ashen Grave after finishing the necessary epic quest given at Level 95.



Portrait Name Occupation Location
Niu Niu Battle Mage, APC Ashen Grave
Arthur Arthur Swift Master Ashen Grave
Flower Queen Blossom Flower Queen Blossom Envoy of Tayberrs Ashen Grave
Celestial Archer Alexandra Celestial Archer Alexandra Envoy of Tayberrs Ashen Grave

Nighttime Skyscraper

Nighttime Skyscraper is the dungeon area in Ashen Grave. Players must be level 95 and have completed all the epic quests in Black Market before they can enter this area.