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Age 16
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Blue Lightning Followers
Occupation Follower of Isys-Prey, Swift Master
Alias N/A
Location Ashen Grave

Arthur is a representative of the devout organization of Isys-Prey called the Blue Lightning Followers. He along with the Guardians and the Circle Mages assist the Adventurers on their quest to retrieve Isys's egg from the Kashipa. Players may talk to him directly to transport to the Isys-Prey Normal/Raid Channels.




Character Biography:

Male/Age 16.
At the age of 12, Arthur was rescued by the Apostle Prey, and became his devout follower. He trusts and follows Prey more than anything else, and is even willing to die for him.
At first glance, he seems like a delicate boy who is too hard on himself, but when he makes mistakes, he never hesitates to accept words of advice to improve.
He is very close with the mages in Central Park, and personally visits them to exchange greetings. Because he often tells of Prey's stories, anytime and anywhere, news of Prey's heroics reached even to Central Park; despite this, he has enough insight to not disclose any important information.


When he heard of the egg, which he assumed was Prey's, having landed in Harlem, he went over there to provide his assistance to both Pai and the Adventurer investigating the area. He would go off later on to investigate and follow after the one who had the egg, only to be beaten by Ricardo. Though he saw it and confirmed it to the Adventurer, Pai, and the others that the egg didn't belong to Prey.

After defeating Ricardo and making him flee with the egg, the Adventurer and Niu go back to the Black Market to discuss on their next set of plans. However, they were interrupted when Prey spoke to the Adventurer through Arthur, telling him that the egg was his evil half's, who is called Isys, and that to do nothing about the egg for now, as there was another problem to deal with: the followers of Isys from Tayberrs and the planet itself getting closer to Pandemonium.


Item Level Binding Cost
Night Blessing Recovery Elixir.png Night Blessing Recovery Elixir 1 Bind to Account 5,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Night Blessing Status Recovery Elixir.png Night Blessing Status Recovery Elixir 1 Bind to Account 1,000 Goldicon.png Gold



Conversation start

  • Have you been to Central Park? Yes, I'm confident to say that it's the most beautiful place in Pandemonium. Kate worked hard on it.
Prey may not be related to Central Park, but he once complimented on its beauty.
It's probably because it reminded him of his home world, but I could be wrong.
Speaking of his home world, you've been there, haven't you? Could you tell me about it?
  • Everyone has someone whom they look up to. To me, that person is Prey.
Not only did he save my life, but he also gave it a purpose. I can hardly imagine my life without him.
Life with Prey is filled with happiness. You're always welcomed to join us.
  • Isys... He's the same as Prey, yet different. I was so shocked that I desperately wanted it to be a joke.
But I can't have been as devastated as Prey. He was attacked by Isys-his other self! Unbelievable!
Yes. There's no longer any need to talk about this. We must defeat Prey's enemy!

Conversation start (after clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png East Harlem, the Heart of Harlem)

  • The energy of Isys's eggshell, and the trail of the Kashipa corpses led into the forest... They both have to do with Kashipa, I'm sure of that, and it's being strangely quiet. The Kashipa I know isn't so patient. Sooner or later, it'll reveal its true intention and start disrupting order of Pandemonium again. I don't know if it'd be wise of us to wait until it makes the first move. I'm not sure about anything yet, but if I find even the tiniest clue, you'll be the first one to know. Until then, please be safe.
  • I've heard various organizations of Pandemonium are gathering in Harlem to investigate all the incidents that have taken place here. Meanwhile, almost all the Kashipas that were here have disappeared without a trace. They're not the type that would stay quiet in a situation like this, and it's impossible to tell what they're up to. We'd better prepare ourselves for every possibility.
  • Did you see Blossom and Alexandra? They'd like to thank you for helping Prey until he could finally recover his old self. Everything went well because of you, but for some reason I'm still anxious. I feel as if it's the calm before the storm. Whatever happens, I'm ready to face it. And I don't have to do it by myself, of course. I've got Prey and you, Adventurer.

Conversation start in Ashen Grave

  • The remnants of Kashipa have completely disappeared from Nighttime Skyscraper. Just the story of Prey staying in Great Kill Mountain scared them so much, they wouldn't dare come over to Staten. They must have lost their minds when they saw Prey in real life. They'll never return to Nighttime Skyscraper so long as Prey is there.
  • Kashipa started threatening all of Pandemonium. The news has gotten around that various organizations, large or small, are being attacked by the Kashipas. Most organizations that were attacked have been severely crippled or completely collapsed, and lost their territories to their attackers as well. At least the Ancient Library and the Circle Mage still stand, though barely. The Terra Cotta and the Second Pact? I've heard that the Second Pact has lost their base in Queens. As for the Terra Cotta... Come to think of it, the Terra Cotta only lost the temporary tent that it built for the Meeting. It must have gotten lucky because its members retreated to their Brooklyn headquarters just before the attack.
  • I've heard that Royal Messenger Walkman mentioning Isys' egg shell started a fight among the leaders of various organizations. This must mean that Kashipa has the egg shell. Kashipa will do everything it can to grow Isys' energy from his shell. And if it succeeds, not only can it freely implant the Abyss, but it can also take its power to the next level. But that's not going to be easy. The moment Isys' energy is exposed to the world, all of Prey's followers will flock toward it. Even if it's in the center of Brooklyn.

Conversation start (Isys-Prey Channel)

  • The place you see in the distance is Nighttime Skyscraper. Before it was ruined, it was home to a great many humans.
They were the kind of humans who would hurt even their closest friend if it meant getting what they wanted.
They betrayed and stabbed at each other with smiles on their faces. *Shudder* I can't imagine how they did it. Were they all like the Kashipas?
But in the end, everything that they did was in vain, just like those ugly buildings that once were their homes and are now collapsing in on themselves.
But it seems no matter how much time has passed, their wrong desires remain, swirling around that place.
And now it's attracting the foolish, heinous followers of Isys who want his power.
Now, we must advance to Nighttime Skyscraper, which is filled with their wrong desires. There will be many obstacles and hardships in our path.
But let's not worry. We trust each other, and we won't let their wrong desires corrupt us.
We'll prevail without fail!
  • Slenikon came to pick you up.
He'll take you to Nighttime Skyscraper at once.
But please be careful. Isys's potent energy of corruption pervades the entire place.
  • It seems Prey has moved to the sky above Nighttime Skyscraper. Once that durable barrier of corruption that Isys has cast to recover his power within goes down, Prey will swoop in and absorb his power.
Until then, we must destroy the barrier and weaken Isys's power.
I-no, I mean, we-have faith in you, Adventurer. We'll prevail without fail!



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