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Nighttime Skyscraper
Nighttime Skyscraper.png
Location Ashen Grave/Pandemonium
Min. Level 95
Level 95
Monster Level 135
End Boss Icon-Prey-Isys.png Prey-Isys
Nighttime Skyscraper Loading Screen

Raid Rules & Details

Entry Requirements

  • Availability: Prey Raid is opened on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Level Requirement: 95.
  • Adventurer Fame: 7,473 (Guide|Normal)
  • Player Amount: Up to 12 players can participate.
  • Quest Requirement: Complete Epic Quest Icon.png Tightening Clutches of Sin to gain access to the Raid Channel.
  • Raid Entry: 1 Lupsongs Relic.png Lupsong's Relic.
  • Daily Entry/Weekly count: Prey-Isys Raid can be entered once a day, with rewards received twice a week.
  • Time Limit: 60 Minutes (1 Hour), each dungeon will have own time limit.


  • Resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • Consumables that are purchased from either Ruhos or Arthur can only be used in that specific Raid and expires on Tuesdays.
  • Normal Consumables such as Remy's Sparkling Touch.png Remy's Sparkling Touch for example will have a maximum 5 usage limit per dungeon. If you die or use up all 5, the count will not reset unless you retreat or enter a dungeon.
  • Alchemist-made Consumables such as Sacred Blessing.png Sacred Blessings for example can now be used due to the Aeterna Patch lifting those restrictions and being readjusted.
  • Life Token.png Life Token limit is 2 during battles and is shared among your party.
  • Lupsongs Relic.png Lupsong's Relic will be compensated if either the raid elapses the 1 hour time limit or Slenikon's HP/SP is depleted to 0.
  • If you lose or retreat from a battle, you will be moved back to Slenikon under a resurrection penalty.
  • You cannot go back to Seria's room when the raid begins.

Dungeons & Monsters

Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Monster Level
Nighttime Skyscraper.png Nighttime Skyscraper ??
Nighttime Skyscraper Center.png Nighttime Skyscraper Center ??

Raid / Guide

Dungeon Name Level Boss Monster
Slenikon Defense 1.png
Slenikon Defense 2.png
Slenikon Defense 3.png
Slenikon Defense 135 Icon-Fighter Kugai.png Fighter Kugai
OrIcon-Heat Researcher Zadracon.png Heat Researcher Zadracon
OrIcon-Moonbow Eike.png Moonbow Eike
Magic Garden.png Magic Garden 135 Icon-Omega Guardian.png Omega Guardian
Floating Garden.png Floating Garden 135 Icon-Cumulonimbus.png Cumulonimbus
Magic Tower of the Void.png Magic Tower of the Void 135 Icon-Villainess Greta.png Villainess Greta
Magic Tower of Tranquility.png Magic Tower of Tranquility 135 Icon-Aries Kelly.png Aries Kelly
Stormy Sanctum.png Stormy Sanctum 135 Icon-Golden Wing Tritura.png Golden Wing Tritura
Sanctum of Corruption.png Sanctum of Corruption 135 Icon-Plunderer Rossol.png Plunderer Rossol
Sanctum of Destruction.png Sanctum of Destruction 135 Icon-Celestial Archer Alexandra.png Celestial Archer Alexandra
Starlit Sanctum.png Starlit Sanctum 135 Icon-Star Guardian Zodiac.png Star Guardian Zodiac
Grand Garden of Rest.png Grand Garden of Rest 135 Icon-Flower Queen Blossom.png Flower Queen Blossom
Battleground of Chaos.png Battleground of Chaos 135 Icon-Red Leg Arketo.png Red Leg Arketo
Observatory of the Abyss.png Observatory of the Abyss 135 Icon-Beast Srim.png Beast Srim
Sky Nest.png Sky Nest 135 Icon-Prey-Isys.png Prey-Isys

Black Sky's Power

Prey-Isys Normal Daily (Obsolete)

In September 2019, the Prey-Isys Normal dungeon was added as part of the Season 5: Act.05 patch. Similar to the past Anton & Luke Normal versions before their removal, players can go through 5 different dungeons learning the mechanics of each boss they encounter with the 6th one being Isys. Due to the amount of bosses that were introduced, the dungeons will randomly rotate every day at 9:00 UTC.

After clearing the Daily, Arthur gives out a daily reward called "Arthur's Gift" that contains either 5 - 10 Refined Terranium.png Refined Terranium or Unique Card Holder that offers a random +12 Elemental Damage Weapon card.

As of Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, Prey-Isys Normal has been removed from the Global Client.

Hold Immune System

Introduced during the same month during boss fights in either Normal or Raid, there will be an icon underneath their HP bar to display when boss monsters are vulnerable to hold-specific skills. If bosses are held for a certain period of time, they'll gain an immunity towards hols for awhile until the effect wears off, but can still take damage regardless. This system would later be carried over to future dungeon content.

Prey-Isys Raid Normal Mode

Loading Screen for Isys.

Released also in the same month and upon completion of Epic Quest Icon.png Tightening Clutches of Sin, players gain access to the overall fourth Raid centered around Isys' resurrection during the Harlem Quest line. Prey Raid was considered at one point to be the toughest content in the game during it's 2019 launch. It is meant to be cleared with 3 parties of 4, or 12 players in total. The Raid is split up into two areas which serve as phases—the Outskirts and the Depths.

A single player can create a Raid Group by speaking to Niu while in the Raid Channel. The Raid leader is able to organize their raid's parties and are responsible for coordinating their parties' objectives. The Raid can then be initiated by speaking to Arthur when all Raid members fulfill the entrance requirements.

Party Composition

Prey-Isys Raid typically utilizes 3 parties of 4 members each -- the red party, yellow party, and green party. There is no specific in-game designation for who belongs in which party, but player convention is to make the red party the strongest, followed by yellow party and then green party. Due to the difficulty of Prey-Isys Raid, it is recommended that every party contains:

The 3 parties typically have different expected responsibilities, but no party is locked out of any particular dungeon so this is up to the raid leader's discretion.


For the entire raid, instead of having a "town" area like Zelva or Noblesky as a "home base", the raid's base area is on Slenikon's back, much like the in-dungeon environment of Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise. Slenikon's back is split into 3 sections -- the middle section is a "safe" area, where nothing happens, whereas the two side areas (head and tail) are for descending into dungeons. Slenikon flies around the Outskirts (Phase 1) and the Depths (Phase 2) passing by each dungeon every cycle. During Phase 1, players move to Slenikon's head (right side) to enter the next-encountered Interception (Slenikon Defense) dungeon, or move to Slenikon's back to enter the next-encountered non-Interception dungeon (Magic Tower, Garden, or Sanctum). In Phase 2, players move to Slenikon's head to enter the Sky Nest, or move to his tail to enter any other dungeon (Battleground, Observatory, or Grand Garden). Players should be careful to move to Slenikon's head/tail only when the next dungeon Slenikon is passing is the one they wish to enter.

The raid leader is able to use a tool on the map to designate certain dungeons as the next target for each party (red, yellow, green). Players should pay attention to these map markers, particularly if they are not using a third-party voice chat program as it can be difficult for the raid leader to type to communicate while trying to clear dungeons.

Phase 1: Outskirts

At the beginning of Phase 1, various dungeons spawn in a circle around the Outskirts. Each dungeon run has a limit of two Life Token.png Life Tokens throughout the party, and if failed cannot be attempted again until Slenikon flies past the dungeon again. Two parties cannot be in the same exact dungeon at the same time, though it does not matter if they are in different dungeons of the same type. On the top, bottom, left, and right of the map -- maps 1, 5, 9, and 13 -- are the four Sanctums, which must be cleared to clear Phase 1. There will also be, in random locations, two Interceptions which cannot be flown past without clearing them or else Slenikon will take damage; two spots on a countdown spawning new Interception dungeons; two Magic Towers (Aries Kelly and Villainous Greta), and two Gardens (Omega Guardian and Cumulonimbus).

The goal of Phase 1 is to clear the 4 Sanctums. With each cleared Sanctum in Phase 1, Explorer Ruhos will appear on the middle part of Slenikon's back for about 25 seconds, allowing players to repair and buy in-raid recovery items from him. However, Slenikon starts at 10000 HP, and during Phase 1, Slenikon's HP decreases at a constant rate of 2 HP/second. In addition, when passing Intercept stages, if players do not enter the dungeon or defeat the intercept boss, Slenikon suffers an additional 1300 damage to his HP. If his HP reaches 0, the raid will fail. The Magic Towers, if they are not entered, will spawn intercept dungeons whenever Slenikon passes them. Clearing one disables the Tower for 360 seconds/6 minutes, during which time any Intercepts that are spawning from that Tower will also be disabled.

The Gardens are one-time clearable dungeons that individually provides a damage boost of 25% across the entire raid, for a total of 50%. Clearing both will also boost damage done in Sanctums by another 30%, for a total of 80%. Clearing either also shows the bosses for each dungeon in Phase 1.

After the final Sanctum is cleared, Phase 2 will begin automatically.

Phase 2: Depths

At the beginning of Phase 2, all of Slenikon's HP will be restored. At this point, the raid group has 25 seconds to shop and repair with Explorer Ruhos before Slenikon reaches the Grand Garden of Rest dungeon. One he reaches this point, Slenikon proceeds to fly along a 3-petal rose curve with Isys at the origin, Grand Garden of Rest at the top, Battleground of Chaos on the bottom left, and Observatory of the Abyss on the bottom right. He flies in the order: Grand Garden -> Isys -> Observatory -> Isys -> Battleground -> Isys, then finally circles back around to Grand Garden and repeats this cycle. The goal of Phase 2 is to defeat Isys in the Sky Nest.

From the moment Slenikon first reaches the Grand Garden, he begins losing 17 HP every second. Like Phase 1, Slenikon's HP reaching 0 will cause the raid to fail. The only way to stop this damage to Slenikon is to defeat Flower Queen Blossom in the Grand Garden. After defeating Blossom, the Grand Garden will take 330 seconds to respawn, and Slenikon will not take damage for 360 seconds -- in other words, there is a 30 second grace period between Grand Garden's respawn and Slenikon starting to take damage once again.

In the Observatory dungeon, players must defeat Beast Srim. After doing so, they may enter the boss room containing the Stormy Ballista, which has very low health and is a stationary target, similar to tube of energy in the Energy Control Room in Luke Raid. Destroying the Stormy Ballista will trigger Isys's groggy phase, which lasts for 20 seconds. After these 20 seconds, the party fighting Isys will be kicked out of the Sky Nest and become "encroached", unable to re-enter the Sky Nest for 90 seconds. Any damage dealt to Isys by the party in the Sky Nest will be "saved", i.e. if the party does damage equal to 30% of Isys's health, Isys will have 70% health remaining when the next party enters the Sky Nest. Damage dealt to Isys will only be saved if the Observatory is cleared before time runs out in the Sky Nest.

In the Battleground dungeon, players will encounter Red Leg Arketo. Defeating Arketo will give the party in Sky Nest a 180% damage boost for 30 seconds.

The party in Sky Nest can also get a 30-second 30% damage boost by successfully completing Isys's berserk patterns, but the damage boost from successfully clearing a pattern does not stack with the damage boost from defeating Arketo.

Phase 2 ends successfully when Isys's HP reaches 0, or ends in failure if Slenikon's HP reaches 0.

Normal Mode Rewards

Upon completion of Phase 2, all players will receive two rewards via card flips.

Prey-Isys Guide Mode

A much easier and streamlined version of the original Raid was released around December 2019 for solo-centric players.

Entry Requirements

Guide Mode Adjustments & Rules

  • All monsters will have their stats and difficulty decreased for a appropriate solo run.
  • The 1 Hour time limit remains, but the one for entering dungeons are removed.
  • Life Token.png Life Token limited to 5 per dungeon.
  • Phase 2 rewards are decreased.

Phase 1: Outskirts

  • There are 2 Sanctums, 1 Garden, 1 Magic Tower and 1 Intercept dungeon.
  • Intercepts appear less frequently, but Slenikon will take more damage if they aren't dealt with.
  • Destroying Magic Towers will permanently stop generating Intercepts.
  • Buff rewards from Gardens carry over without limitations.

Phase 2: Depths

  • Consists of 4 battlefields: Grand Garden, Battleground, Observatory, and Isys.
  • Buff rewards from Grand Garden and Battleground are provided without limit.
  • The Nighttime Skyscraper - Depths play rules are adjusted to match Solo Guide mode.
    • The Observatory and Battleground dungeons can be cleared before the Sky Nest.
    • The Isys dungeon becomes accessible after the Observatory dungeon is cleared.
  • Isys's Groggy Time generation rules are adjusted to match Solo Guide mode.
    • Disrupt Isys's attack patterns to activate Groggy Time.
    • Even if Isys's Groggy Time is over, you will not be returned to the next Slenikon.

Boss Monster Adjustments

  • Omega Guardian - The amount of Totems summoned are lowered to two.
  • Cumulonimbus - Roaring Thunder Dragon changed to where only the Black Dragon follows around the player.
  • Golden Wing Tritura - He will need to be blocked twice from reaching an energy orb during Super Grab.
  • Celestial Archer Alexandra - Golden Arrows marker count lowered to three and the player can be freed from the crystal after a few seconds have gone by.
  • Villainess Greta - The Ground Explosion pattern does not track after the player.
  • Aries Kelly - Three hits are required to make Kelly enter her groggy phase while in Sheep Form.
  • Beast Srim - Mass Blade Throwing pattern adjusted to where he'll perform Ground Strike three times.
  • Flower Queen Blossom - Some attack patterns are changed and defeating her permanently protects Slenikon's SP.
  • Red Leg Arketo - Defeating him activates Sky Nest's 180% damage boost only during Isys' fight.
  • Isys - Each time any of his berserk patterns are successfully cleared, he'll enter his main groggy phase.

Guide Mode Dungeons

  • Guide Mode is split into two different phases; dungeons and monsters that you encounter will differ depending on the phase. A character will take the 1st Phase route on their first raid of the week, and the 2nd Phase route on their second raid of the week.

Guide Mode Rewards

Upon completion of Phase 2, the player will receive two rewards via card flips.