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Flower Queen Blossom

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Flower Queen Blossom
Flower Queen Blossom.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Unknown
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Envoy of Tayberrs
Alias N/A
Location Ashen Grave

Flower Queen Blossom is one of two envoys that ventured from Tayberrs to Pandemonium due to the threat of Isys's corruption and invasion. She and her counterpart, Celestial Archer Alexandra, assist the Adventurers and the Guardians to retrieve Isys's egg in the Harlem area, Nighttime Skyscraper. However, due to the betrayal of Verdant Frekses, who had become Red-Leg Arketo, she succumbs to the darkness of Isys.




Character Biography:

"A beautiful flower has come to me."

Female. Age Unknown.
The overseer of flowers and plants growing in Tayberrs.

Everyone praised her nobility and class and called her the Flower Queen. Every year, the dandelion fairies harvested urimune cotton and created a dress for her, and gave it to her in a ceremonious way under the priceless zelmakure tree. In return, Blossom wore the dress and flew into the sky, singing a song and releasing flower seeds. The flower seeds rode the wind and spread everywhere in Tayberrs, creating beautiful golden fields.
Then, the purple rain fell and Isys destroyed everything. The dandelion fairies abandoned the flowers and hid. Blossom stopped singing. Instead, she went off to Pandemonium with Alexandra to find Prey and save her dear Tayberrs.




Conversation start

  • Tayberrs was always beautiful. We gathered under the zelmakure tree basking in golden sunlight, and sang and danced together.
But everything changed when that black fragment emerged in the sky above us one day. And it changed so fast that I wondered if I dreamed all those happy moments I shared with others.
Can I dream that dream again? The dream of us singing and dancing together under the zelmakure tree in the golden sunlight.
  • Adventurer, you came from a place called Arad, right?
I've heard it's the green planet I saw in the distance as I descended from Tayberrs. I only saw it for a moment, but its vibrant energy is unforgettable.
I'd love to visit it one day. It's filled with beautiful nature and creatures, isn't it?
Ho ho. I can't wait to see it!
  • Alexandra is not a bad girl. She can be unruly and deceptive sometimes, but she's good at heart.
When she was in Tayberrs, she often acted mischievously and talked rudely to others, causing trouble.
But once she saw the error of her ways, she opened herself up to the others and even sang for them. Now she's one of the most trusted fairies in Tayberrs.
If she's brusque with you, then it's because she doesn't feel comfortable around you, just yet. I hope you'll understand yet.

As an Enemy

Blossom appears as the boss of the Grand Garden of Rest, having been brainwashed by Isys. Defeating her will prevent Slenikon's HP from dropping temporarily (in normal raid) or permanently (in guide mode).

No icon available
Flower Queen Blossom
TypeSpirit.png TypeHuman.png

Move Set

  • Sun and Moon: Upon entering the boss room, Blossom will cast a sun or moon icon above herself, and each players' heads. Each of Blossom's attacks will correspond with the sun or moon attribute. The players' icon will gradually count up, and once it reaches 100+, the player will start taking continuous damage. Players hit by attacks of the opposing attribute will have their numbers increased a significant amount. Attacks of the same attribute will not harm the player, and will reduce the icon number.
  • Wide Swing: Blossom swings her cane in front of her, dealing damage to a large area.
  • Sun/Moon Burst: Blossom slams her cane down and causes a large explosion around her.
  • Explosions: Blossom causes numerous explosions on the ground, which spawn large sun/moon icons that then explode.
  • Trailing Explosions: Blossom summons two trails of explosions that follow the movements of opposing attribute players.
    • ex: If Blossom casts this attack in Sun form, the explosions will mimic the movements of players marked with the Moon icon.
  • Falling Orbs: Blossom summons numerous orbs of sun and/or moon attribute, which explode shortly after hitting the ground.

Blossom Cutin.png
  • Berserk: Full Bloom: Blossom summons four pillars of light that move in a diminishing X, expanding X, and then rotating pattern - similar to Dark Axion's berserk pattern. Blossom then summons four pillars of sun or moon attribute and casts a sun/moon element above each players' heads. Players with the same attribute as the pillars must stand inside before it explodes, else it will deal significant damage. Similarly, players with the opposite attribute must stand outside of the pillar. Blossom will enter her groggy phase after the pillar explosion.



Default Summer Halloween Christmas

Sprites as Enemy (Prey-Isys Raid)

walking Blossom enemy8.gif Blossom enemy4.gif Blossom enemy6.gif Blossom enemy7.gif



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