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Celestial Archer Alexandra

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Celestial Archer Alexandra
Celestial Archer Alexandra.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Fairy
Affiliation Isys-Prey
Occupation Envoy of Tayberrs
Alias N/A
Location Ashen Grave

Celestial Archer Alexandra is one of two envoys that ventured from Tayberrs to Pandemonium due to the threat of Isys's corruption and invasion. She and her counterpart, Flower Queen Blossom, assist the Adventurers and the Guardians to retrieve Isys's egg in the Harlem area, Nighttime Skyscraper. However, due to the betrayal of Verdant Frekses, she succumbs to the darkness of Isys.




Character Biography:

"Want to talk to me? Well... Sure."

Female. Age Unknown.
A fairy and the greatest archer in Tayberrs whose arrows never hit her allies, no matter of them are shot at the same time.

She used to not get along with others because she was mischievous and tending to speak dishonestly. Flower Queen Blossom was the only friend she had, who knew Alexandra was kinder and more thoughtful than she looked.
One day, Blossom gave Alexandra a zelmakure branch, and Alexandra was so happy for this gift that she created a musical instrument by tying strands of her hair to it. When she started singing and playing this instrument, others gathered around her, singing along in happy voices. Even those who hated her instantly fell in love with her. Since then, Alexandra stopped being mean to others and started singing for them.
Impressed, Prey shared his feathers and talons with her. Alexandra shed tears of joy and made a bow and arrows out of Prey's gift, and has been carrying them with pride ever since.




Conversation start

  • I never imagined such a noble and beautiful being like Harbart would be the first one to submit to Isys. She used to have fur whiter than the clouds and eyes deeper than the ocean...
I can't say how sad and devastating it was to hear that she even bit Kepheros, whom she loved dearly, subjecting her to the same-probably worse-fate as her.
And when I realized that was just the beginning of all the nightmares-ugh, I don't even want to think about it!
How can Isys do this? How can he be so terrible? I can't believe that he and Prey were one before!
  • (Alexandra): Blossom nags every time she opens her mouth, telling me don't do this, don't do that.
(Blossom): Don't say that. I'm only worried about you, Alexandra.
(Alexandra): See? Ugh!
Well... I don't mind it, though. Because of you, I've made many friends in Tayberrs, Blossom.
(Blossom): That's because you're honest, Alexandra. I hope you'll always be a good girl, ho ho.
  • This bow? Fu fu... It's nice, isn't it? You've got good taste. It's made of the feathers and talons that Prey personally gave to me. I carved and smoothed it myself, and made this bowstring with my own hair.
I'm going to defeat Isys's followers, fighting Prey with this bow, and take him back to Tayberrs!

Conversation start (after clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png East Harlem, the Heart of Harlem)

  • I'm so glad that Prey is okay. Well, I've always known he'd eventually assimilate Isys and restore peace. And I could've helped him, if it weren't for that dratted Arketo! Gah! *Cough* Before I lost my consciousness after Arketo's attack, I saw you running away and felt relieved. I don't trust all humans, but I realized that I could trust you at least. O-only at that time, of course! Don't think anything of it!
  • Red Leg Arketo... He wanted my wings from the beginning. He must remember how helpless Frekses was after losing his wings. That cowardly... mean... Huh? How am I doing now? Is she called Kate? Well, that small human managed to replicate Blossom's power and fix me like new. If you can't believe me, I can fly for you.
  • (Alexandra): By the way, erm... are you okay? I hit you with my arrows, after all. At that time, I wasn't myself because of Isys... I wasn't trying to attack you... I-I told you, I made this bow with the feathers and talons that Prey personally gave to me!
(Blossom): Alexandra, don't be like that. You should thank him honestly.
(Alexandra): Err... I don't know! So long as you're not hurt!

As an Enemy

Alexandra appears as the boss in Sanctum of Destruction in the Prey-Isys Raid, having been corrupted by Isys' darkness.

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Celestial Archer Alexandra
Alexandra Enemy.gif
TypeSpirit.png TypeHuman.png

Move Set

All of Alexandra's arrows have elemental attributes, and she will randomly cycle between all four elements.

  • Strong Shot: Alexandra fires a large arrow.
  • Triple Shot: Alexandra fires three arrows that spreads out in a small angle. She will either use this attack once, or three times in a row. In the case of the latter, Alexandra will quickly move vertically to another lane shortly after firing.
  • Arc Shot: Alexandra rapidly fires three arrows that arc towards a player. She will repeat this attack five times, moving to a different location each time.
  • Arrow Rain: Alexandra fires numerous arrows into the air, which then fall at a collected area.
  • Binding Traps: Alexandra will shoot three arrows into the sky, which create small, green circles when they hit the ground. These circles inflict Bind (Status).png Bind (Status) to players who step on them.
  • Explosive Shot: Alexandra sets a large frozen area that inflicts Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status). She then jumps up and fires a powerful arrow that explodes upon contact, dealing massive damage.


  • Golden Arrows: After some time as passed, Alexandra fires a powerful arrow into the sky which follows one randomly targeted player as it slowly falls as this plays out very similar to Light Euclid's Beads of Light berserk pattern where in order to make her groggy, players must hit Alexandra with this golden arrow five times. After the fifth hit, Alexandra will enter her groggy phase for 20 seconds.
    • If the player is hit by the golden arrow, they will be trapped in a golden crystal that gradually deals damage over time. If this player dies, Alexandra will bombard the entire map by firing out numerous arrows and she'll return back to her normal phase.
    • In Guide Mode, the Golden Arrows count are lowered to three and the player can be freed from the gold crystal after the casting bar above them fills.


Quotes (Raid)



AlexandraFullBody.png AlexandraFullPortrait.jpeg


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  • Alexandra's name is of Greek origins being the feminine form of Alexander meaning Defender Of Mankind.


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