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Light Idol Horus

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Light Idol Horus
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Horus is one of Luke's loyal servants ever since Heblon's creation. As a planet, Heblon had the same orbital period and rotation period, so the sun always appeared on the same plane. Because of such a unique phenomenon, Heblon was split into two equal halves: the world of light & darkness. Horus has a righteous and just personality and so he was managing Heblon's light world. After the planet's destruction, Horus was wandering across worlds until Gold Clown found and brought him back to Luke.

Move Set

  • Overhead Spear: Horus will strike downwards with his spear to attack.
  • Spear Thrust: Horus does a slow moving dash while thrusting his spear forward.
  • Teleport: Horus will often teleport and attack players from behind if he's either knocked down or gets air juggled.
  • Spear Windmill: Horus becomes invincible and starts to spin his spear around for a few seconds with lightning bolts striking down and pulling in players and knocking them in the air if they're close enough. Compared to Anubis' variant of the attack, Horus remains stationary.
  • Light Wall: Similar to Overhead Spear, but he'll create a slow moving wall that nearly looks identical to Lightning Wall.png Lightning Wall.
  • Jewel Prison: Horus will only use this move after his berserk finishes. He'll teleport behind a random player and encase them in a jewel prison if he successfully stabs them with his spear. The prison can be destroyed and being trapped causes their HP to slowly drain.


  • Light Curtain: If taken a certain amount of damage or holds are overused, Horus says "I like both light and darkness." which causes him to slam the ground with his spear and casts a giant light barrier that lasts for a certain amount of time. If players are in close range of Horus preparing to cast, they can get shoved back and dealt with moderate damage including a Blind (Status).png Blind (Status). Players who don't stay inside the barrier will have lightning bolts strike down on them, dealing moderate damage.