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Red Leg Arketo

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Red Leg Arketo
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Prey-Isys Raid Lore:

He was a strong, brave warrior and a kind guardian of the Ancient Temple. When the black fragments emerged, he was the first one to fly into the sky to protect his temple. He was also the first one to fly into the sky and protect everyone when he heard that Prey hadn't returned. So, naturally he was the first one to crash into the sharp icicles. He lost both of his wings, and fell to the ground. When he came back to his senses, his dear Prey was gone. So were his strong wings.

He was devastated. He would no longer be able to ride the wind. He would no longer be able to help his hero, Prey. He was helpless. He wouldn't be able to do anything anymore. He just sat on the ground and looked up the sky, his heart completely broken. "Stand up," said a familiar voice. He looked around. There was no one around him. "Fly up again and follow me." The voice sounded clearer now. "You're made of the same strong stuff as I." He knew something was wrong, but this voice wouldn't leave him alone. Sensing the pressure that was closed in on him like a vice, he finally remembered to whom the voice belonged. "You...!"

Red feathers fluttered and fell to the ground. They shone and turned into a different color as they floated back up, wrapping around his shoulders as a cape. Was it pain or rapture that showed on his face? He flew back up into the sky. He followed the voice to the black fragments that had emerged again.



When Verdant Frekses recalls about what happened on Tayberrs, he mentions Prey-Isys's corrupt energy seeping into his mind to call forth his other half, Arketo to awaken and take over the body, but Frekses tries to purge a corner of his mind and imprison him away which doesn't work as Arketo starts attacking his other half out of desperation with Frekses winning despite receiving damage and retaining his appearance.

While searching for Isys's Egg in Nighttime Skyscraper, the Adventurer comes across an injured Alexandra on the ground with Arketo next to her. He reveals the truth by switching back to Frekses remarking that waiting any longer will just be a waste of time and leaves to await his master's resurrection, betraying Prey's followers in the process.

Move Set

"Let's fight!"

Arketo appears in Battleground of Chaos as a boss. He'll either be encountered in Attack or Defense Stance, and will switch between the two each time the gauge at the bottom of the screen fills up. Defeating him will grant a 180% damage boost against Isys for 30 seconds in normal Raid, and permanently in Guide Mode.

  • Attack Stance: for 60 seconds, Arketo will purely use offense-based attacks on players. After the gauge fills, he'll either switch to Defense Stance or perform his berserk.
    • Rush: Arketo will teleport behind a player, charge up his spear, and perform a front-line dash attack at least 3-4 times while randomly targeting party members.
    • Down Strike: Arketo jumps back significantly and strikes down in a specified range, targeting a player's position.
    • Spear Thrust: Arketo jabs forward with his spear either once or twice in a row in close range.
    • Concentrated Fire: Only during Attack Stance, Arketo erects a spear to the sky and drops a number of them throughout the room for a few seconds.
  • Defense Stance: for 60 seconds, Arketo will switch to a defensive-based mode where he equips a magic shield that protects him from attacks. When being hit, a His shield has been cracked. message appears as the shield changes colors depending on how much damage it has taken, going in order: Blue > Green > Yellow > Red > Purple. Once his shield's destroyed, Arketo enters a mini-groggy state for a few seconds with his defenses significantly decreased, leaving him open to counter damage. After the Shield destroyed gauged is filled, there will be a circle wide explosion in the room's center that'll inflict potentially lethal damage if not avoided. Afterwards, he'll either revert back to Attack Stance or do his berserk.
    • Shockwave: Arketo can create shockwaves that deal heavy damage either from his shield in a straight line in front of him or along a fan-shaped indicator.
    • Spear Thrust: Arketo jabs forward with his spear once.
  • Berserk
    • Leap: Instant Kill! This pattern is similar to Humanity Betrayer: Finver's berserk, but significantly more deadly. Once both Attack and Defense Stance have each been cleared once, he'll move to the room's center, dropping numerous spears from the sky. He then knocks down all players while jumping into the air and comes back down causing an explosion that can instant kill anyone who's in range of the attack -- players can use Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound right away after the shockwave to avoid being damaged. Afterwards, Arketo will enter his groggy phase for 20 seconds.


  • Arketo can be potentially counter-attacked either during Rush or Down Strike as it actually multiplies your damage and takes a huge chunk of his HP down if you time your skills and stops his patterns for a bit.
  • Arketo's shield breaking during Defense Stance actually causes a more significant defense reduction than that of his groggy phase, so it is common to burst him at that time instead of waiting for his main groggy.
  • During Raids:
    • Battlefield is much harder to standby since Arketo will constantly attack players as they wait for the party that's battling Isys to give them a signal when they're ready for his main groggy.
    • While it's perfectly fine to kill Arketo at any time in Prey-Isys Normal and Guide Mode, in Raid the clearing of Battleground needs to be timed properly to coincide with Observatory of the Abyss clearing and triggering Isys's groggy phase. It is important to first ensure the party in Sky Nest has their skills prepared from cooldown.
    • You could have the Crusader/Enchantress deploy Apocalypse.png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette and wither down his HP to a certain amount, but don't flat out kill him right away.
    • During the first "cycle", with yellow party in Isys and green party in Observatory, Battleground is sometimes skipped if the red party is slow to clear Grand Garden.



  • Arketo is based on Greek Mythology as his design takes inspiration from Sparta which is a famous city-state and warrior society.
  • His full name, Arketo-Praxis also originate from Ancient Greek words.