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Humanity Betrayer: Finver

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Humanity Betrayer: Finver
Finver's Cut-In


Finver is a Demonic Lancer and formerly part of the De Los Empire who guards one of the Outposts during Fiend War. He was fascinated by the power of Cosmofiends as he handed Arad's information to them and made an oath of obedience. In return, he turned his back on humanity and has gotten what he wanted through the Fiends' power being equipped with a Fiend Venator Set.

Move Set

  • Red Aura: Upon entering Finver's room, he'll place a red aura around a random party member and will chase after them constantly using Vanguard's Smash.png Smash & Crescent Slash.png Crescent Slash to attack and knock them down. This will stay in affect at all times even when he activates each armor piece of Fiend Venator.
  • Fiend Venator: Finver's main pattern. He'll push back party members, placing the Red Aura on someone random, and one of his armor pieces will begin to glow as he attacks the targeted player with an elemental move depending on which piece was activated:


  • Nihilum's Other Space.png Nihilum's Other Space: When all five pieces of Fiend Venator are activated, Finver jumps into the middle spot of the map and summons Dragoon's Servant Lance.png Servant Lance of all four elements and starts bombarding random parts of the map. After 6 seconds goes by, he will jump into air and create a shockwave similar to Rosaura's Lightning Quake pattern and performs Dragon Slayer (Dragoon).png Dragon Slayer (Dragoon) as a final attack. Players should use Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound after the shockwave to avoid the attack, as being hit by it results in a instant kill.

After this, he will land back on the ground and enter his groggy phase, becoming vulnerable for 12 seconds. If not killed by the end of this time limit, he'll repeat his patterns.


  • Finver is often considered the hardest of the three Outpost bosses due to his high defenses, HP pool, and difficult-to-avoid attack patterns.
  • He can be damaged or held during his Fiend Venator patterns, but it's better to reserve your stronger skills and use sustained ones on him.
  • Like any other boss that has a groggy phase, have the Crusader/Enchantress deploy Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette and use your strongest skills on Finver when he's down.
  • Depending on the strength of your party including a Crusader/Enchantress, it's actually possible to burst down Finver before he actually perform his berserk pattern.



  • "In the end, humanity couldn’t accept me for who I am! But this power does and suits me well! Bhahahahahaha!"


  • "Take this! It transcends all the humanly limits!" (Nihilum's Other Space)



  • It's implied that Finver used to be a Vanguard before gaining new powers since he wields a Halberd.
  • In foreign versions, he's called Pinwheel for two explanations:
    • The petals can come in different colors, rainbow is the most common one befitting Fiend Venator and it's elemental variety.
    • They also spin quite fast when reacting to wind which is relatable to the Lancer's skills that he uses.
  • Finver might be a play on the word Finger and number 5.
  • His intro dialouge suggests that he's breaking the 4th wall, possibly referencing Lancer's reception that was received upon release and shunned for being weaker than previous classes.


Finver's Art Illustration