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Fiend War

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Fiend War
Fiend War Loading Screen.png
Location Final Defense Line
Min. Level 95
Level 95
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Cosmo Fiend: Rosen


  • Synopsis 1

They lost. Again. More of their kind, who crossed dimensions to kill those who were strong in another world, got killed and were proven to be weaker. The weak should be killed off. But the news of their loss in this specific world continued to come in. One by one, the Fiends took notice of Arad. The inhabitants of Cosmo Fiend were born strong, and they fed on the energy of their enemies that they killed. They thought they were unmatched in this multiverse, but they were not. How could this happen?

Were there really worthy opponents in that faraway place?

These questions turned into curiosity, and then anger. Anger toward the weak of their kind who lost to some insignificant enemies. Anger at themselves for even imagining how it would be like to fight these enemies. Anger for the enemies for making them feel rage in the first place. Their burning anger brought them together.

In the meantime, a massive Rift was formed on the planet that was shaped like a black fragment and connected to Arad. The Fiends figured out they could squeeze themselves through this Rift and build a great battlefield in that world. Let's spread our rage. We'll burn them with it! These feelings of agitation we're experiencing are beneath us. Revenge on Arad for this humiliation!

  • Synopsis 2

[Omitted] ...Since we're still coping with the situation, their invasion is becoming all the more threatening. They appear to be intelligent creatures, but we can't hope to negotiate with them. We must deal with them with extreme prejudice. They travel in what's shaped like a ball. Seeing how these balls land at irregular intervals, I don't think they're very organized.

But even though they may move individually, they have the same goal: the destruction of Arad. They want to get rid of everything that they see in this world. A brave knight approached who seemed to be their leader and asked why they came. This is the summary of what he was told:

"As of now, this land is the battlefield on which we decide who's stronger. Whoever wins is good, and only the good get to punish the evil."

The knight who brought this answer, which was really the only thing we gained out of the battle, died as soon as he returned. Seeing that how these beings have no mercy for the wounded, they probably didn't kill him on sight because they wanted him to act as their messenger. They kill and get killed. Honestly, I don't think we stand a chance against them. The reinforcements from Empyrean aren't enough. We need veteran warriors to fight these mysterious enemies. Please send them to us as soon as possible.

- Baldus Olver, 3rd Support Unit Captain of the Great Empire

Dungeon Rules & Details

Level Needed Guide & Normal Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Entry Needed Fatigue Point Cost Weekly Entry/Reward Count Opened Days Time Limit Life Token.png Life Tokens
95–110 6436 1 Special Energy Concealer.png Special Energy Concealer 0 Once a day, twice a week (2/2) Wednesday ~ Sunday 60 Minutes; 1 Hour (Normal)
30 Minutes (Guide Mode)
2 per limit in battle
6 during Rosen's fight


  • Self-Reviving skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • Fiend War Consumables purchased from either Empyrean Supporter Annie or Orc Sage can only be used in the Raid, anything leftover expires on Tuesday 9:00 UTC.
  • Normal Consumables such as Remy's Sparkling Touch.png Remy's Sparkling Touch will have a 5 usage limit, while Alchemist-made ones, such as Sacred Blessing.png Sacred Blessings, are no longer restricted.
  • Special Energy Concealer.png Special Energy Concealer will be compensated if the Raid is considered a failure through the 1-hour time limit expiring, or enemies successfully invade your base.
  • Losing a battle, retreating from it, let the monster unit advance, or the time limit elapses will move players back to the starting area and receive a resurrection penalty, which will keep you in that map for a set amount of time.

Supertemporal Abilities (Tayberrs Armor)

Normal Mode

Fiend War is the third Raid featured in Dungeon Fighter Online.

Located in Final Defense Line, Players can access this dungeon when reaching Level 95 and accept the Epic Quest Icon.png The News from Central Park quest from Kate and later starting the scenarios from Masked Knight who is located in Elvenguard to gain access into the Raid channel.

Unlike major Raid content that is centered around the Apostles, this one focuses on the invasion of Cosmo Fiends.

Released in April 2019's Season 5 - Act.02 patch, The main objective in Fiend War is to reach The Gate and defeat Rosen, but in order to accomplish this task, 8 players are required to participate in Fiend War. The Raid Commander will form two parties (1-4, 5-8) into a 4-unit squad ordered to take the battlefield's top, bottom or middle routes to defeat Advance Fiend Units from invading Ally Base, activate Radar/Turret, occupy Outposts, and destroy the Logistics Bases to gain access to The Gate. Before entering The Gate, it is recommended for both parties to each decide on an element to choose as this will play a role in one of Rosen's phases.

Normal Mode Battlefield

There a total of 27 areas on the map that's broken up into three different sectors, Normal, Special, and Enemy.

Normal Sector

Character Movement

  • Every character in Fiend War becomes an individual squad and can move freely between sectors. When they move to an Enemy sector, they'll form a party with other squads in the preceding sector. Squads cannot enter the sectors in which a battle is already in progress and only up to 4 squads can enter each sector.

Advance Fiend Unit's Movement

  • Among the enemy units in the battlefield, the Advance Fiend Units move toward your Ally Base one cell at a time at regular intervals.
  • If you're fighting an Advance Fiend Unit and another Advance Fiend Unit enters the sector, you will instantly fail the current battle and that Advance Fiend Unit that you previously fought will then be reinforced.
  • Failing a battle with an Advance Fiend Unit (defeat/retreat/time over), then the Advance Fiend Unit will immediately move to the next cell.
  • If you're fighting Neutral monsters and an Advance Fiend Unit enters the sector, you will stop fighting the Neutral monsters and start fighting the Advance Fiend Unit instead.
  • If an Advance Fiend Unit is blocked by a Neutral monster, the two will fight one another. The Advance Fiend Unit ultimately wins this battle, but their movement is slowed by the fight.

Special Sector, Radar & Turret (6 & 23)

  • Defeat the bosses and occupy those Sectors respectively to gain beneficial effects.
    • Sector 6 increases all the characters' Skill damage and reveals the monster portraits hidden under the Status Board.
    • Sector 23 decreases all the monsters' Def. and temporarily halts the movement and creation of Advance Fiend Units.

Enemy Sector (Sectors 7, 15, & 24)


  • Advance Fiend Units will generated these three sectors.
  • Occupy the Radar to check the time remaining until the generation of the next Advance Fiend Unit.
  • If you occupy these Outposts and let Advance Fiend Units enter them, they will be taken over by the Fiends and resume generating.

Logistics Base (Sectors 10, 17, & 27)

  • Generates Advance Fiend Units that move toward the Outposts in the same line as them when an Outpost is occupied.
  • Occupy all the Logistics Bases to enter The Gate.
  • Occupied Logistics Bases are regenerated after a while.
  • Euclid, Axion and Vice are randomly placed in a different Base.

The Gate (Boss Map)

  • Occupy all the Logistics Bases, and the Gate will be opened for a while.
  • The Gate is divided into 2 maps, the Black and White Universes.
  • These Universes must be attacked at the same time.
  • Defeat both Rosens of the Black/White Universes and close the Gate, thus clearing Fiend War.

Normal Mode Rewards

  • Upon defeating Rosen, all party members will receive the following rewards:


The Gate

Logistics Base


Turret & Radar

Advanced Units



Fiend War Guide Mode

Released in August 2019, Guide Mode is an easier version of the original Raid that's adjusted towards players who prefer solo play. Unlike Group Raid, solo players will take a linear path going through different sectors defeating bosses leading up to the Gate.

Guide Mode Adjustments & Rules

  • 1 Special Energy Concealer.png Small Energy Concealer.
  • Shares the same count with Fiend War Normal Daily & Weekly entries.
  • 5 characters per account can be bound.
    • (Originally 2) - Changed to 3 (Sirocco Raid Patch), adjusted to 5 in Season 6, Act 21.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete Guide Mode.
  • No Life Token.png Life Token limits.
  • Rewards for clearing are reduced.

Monsters Adjustments

  • All Monsters will have their stats and difficulty lowered and some movesets adjusted.
  • Schrodinger: The MP drain is slowed down during Cube Spawn.
  • Cosmo Fiend: Rosen:
    • Flame & Storm Planet - Radar Phase during Week 1 and Transcendent & Glacial Planet during Turret Phase on Week 2.
    • Glacial Planet: Using cube skills will not increase the bar gauge during "A cold wind is blowing."
    • Transcendent Planet: The timer gauge for Elemental Crystals fills much slower.

Dungeon Adjustments Guide Mode is split into two different phases; dungeons and monsters that you encounter will differ depending on the phase. A character will take the Radar route on their first raid of the week, and the Turret route on their second raid of the week.

Guide Mode Rewards


  • Fiend War's overall map design takes inspiration from a MOBA, or Multiplayer online battle arena for short which are a subgenre of strategy games in which two teams of players compete against each other on a predefined battlefield.
  • The boss theme used for both Rosen & Logistics Trio is a arranged version of Hell Mode.

Tips & Notes

  • Town Movement Speed from either titles, auras or transformation potions is highly recommended to bring in Fiend War.
    • Neo Premium Contract now offers a 40% movement speed bonus that's only available in raid channels.
  • The raid buff, Earth's Blessing will be applied in both Group and Guide Mode.
  • Depending on the strength of the party and their setup, it's actually possible to skip over Turret & Radar as they're completely optional to occupy during Raids and can receive a title acheivement as a result.