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Schrodinger is a monstrous pet cat of the Cosmo Fiends and guards one of the Outposts during Fiend War. It lives in a cube, and it's capable of traveling across space & time within limitations.

Schrodinger's Sphere
Black Schrodinger
White Schrodinger

Move Set

  • Black Schrodinger:
    • Poison Trace Spawn Black Schrodinger starts running around the room while leaving poison traces behind it. If it hits the player while running, they’ll be launched in the air.
    • Claw Slam: Black Schrodinger slams the ground from a distance with its claws, then drags them in.
    • Cube Explosion: Black Schrodinger starts emitting a green aura, shouts, and drops gold versions of the cube from above on random spots of the room.
  • White Schrodinger:
    • Scratch: White Schrodinger dashes from left to right while scratching the player with the cube. If this pattern hits the player, they’ll be knocked down.
    • Bounce: White Schrodinger jumps at the player with the cube. If this pattern hits the player, they’ll be launched into the air.
  • Cube Spawn: "The cube is releasing energy." Upon entering the room, all party members will have their consumables & skills locked. Schrodinger’s cube in the middle of the room will disappear and turn into two invulnerable Schrodinger cats that also drop a green sphere-shaped cube. Anyone who picks up the cube gets their skills unlocked, but in return their MP will be drastically drained until the end of pattern which lasts 35 seconds. Once their MP reaches 0, the wielder's HP will be drained instead. The cube can be passed between players - just run past them with the cube and they’ll automatically take it from the previous wielder. If the player with the cube dies, the cube is automatically dropped on the ground. If it isn’t picked up after 9 seconds, it’ll turn gold and explode, causing a party wipe and killing everyone.
  • The Cube is releasing it's power: This gauge at the bottom slowly fills up whether the cube is wielded or not. Once the gauge is full, the Schrodinger cats will disappear, and the sphere will revert back into its cube form, entering a groggy state and becoming vulnerable for 20 seconds. If not killed by the end of this time limit, it'll repeat its patterns.


  • It is highly recommended that you let either a Male Crusader/Female Crusader/Enchantress handle the Cube Spawn as this a very crucial pattern to pay attention to.
    • When your MP reaches around 20%, use Healing Wind.png Healing Wind, Regenerative Aria.png Regenerative Aria, or First Aid of Love.png First Aid of Love as long as you can before dying from HP drain.
    • Revive with a Life Token.png Life Token and continuing holding onto the cube until the gauge fills.
    • Deploy Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette and give the cube to whoever is the strongest in your party and let them 1-cycle Schrodinger in their groggy state.
    • If they're unable to do that, let other players take turns using their skills before the groggy state ends.


  • The entire boss fight is a direct reference to Schrödinger's cat.
  • Sometimes Schrodinger is given out as a transformation potion during events.