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Life Token

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Life Token.png
Life Token

Resurrects you when you die in dungeons.

Life Tokens are a method of reviving a player or party member in a dungeon if they die. Upon death (or a party member's death), the player may press X.png to revive themselves and F9, F10, F11, or F12 to revive a party member, depending on the party member's position.


  • Various events as a possible reward.
  • Purchased in the Item Shop with Cera.
    • 10 for 140 Cera, 50 for 600 Cera, and 100 for 900 Cera
  • Three are given to players who have less than three tokens.


  • Certain dungeons, such as Ancient Dungeons or Tower of Despair, will restrict how many Life Tokens may be used.
    • In addition, certain dungeons, such as Tower of the Dead, will restrict the usage of Life Tokens entirely.
  • If the revival buff from a Sacred Blessing.png Sacred Blessing is active, the Sacred Blessing will be used first.
  • Life Tokens are stored separately from the inventory. They are instead represented by a counter under the weight limit bar.