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Eventful Erica

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EricaIcon.png Eventful Erica
Age 17
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Grim Seekers
Occupation Battle Mage
Grim Seeker
Alias N/A
Location Zelva: Grim Seeker camp
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Erica is a Battle Mage, and is also a Grim Seeker. She is located at the Grim Seeker camp in Zelva.


Erica is from Central Park where her mother died at a young age due to illness. She was raised by her overprotective father who tried to keep her sheltered but her curiosity and interest to the outside world was just impossible to contain.

Her magical talents began to surface at the age of 5 and Kate tried to recruit her into the Circle of Mages but due to the opposition of her father, she was not able to join. In return, her father who is always worried about her well being gave her a very precious magical item as a gift. He knew his daughter wanted to join but he just couldn’t fathom the possibility of her getting hurt.

At the age of 13, Erica met Niu, the Battle Mage and befriended her. She decided she would walk the same path as Niu and diligently trained to be a Battle Mage. However, she could not awaken any of her Chasers. Out of frustration, she left Central Park for Harlem where she would go through extreme forms of training. She would end up being kidnapped by the Kashipas during a training session but would miraculously escape soon after.

During this turbulent period in her life, she would finally learn awaken her Chasers and use it to fend off her abductors and man-eating predators alike but the Kashipas would pursue her to no end. By a stroke of luck, she would meet Hilder who would eventually save her from the relentless pursuit of the Kashipas. Having been saved by Hilder, Erica pledged undying friendship to Hilder and started to follow her. This unlikely pairing would be together for quite sometime. Even though they would argue with each other a lot, Hilder never thought of Erica as a nuisance and would actually train her to master her Chasers.

After becoming an “Astarte”, Erica decided to take revenge against her abductors. Hilder, surprised by Erica’s decision did not object to her but called Erica an “Absurd kid” and the two went their separate ways.

Erica full of confidence charged into the Kashipas camp. However, she was immediately caught due to the very heavy armor she was wearing. It was too heavy that she could barely move in it. Sarpoza, the Black Eye was impressed by her daring personality and gave her a chance to return home but Erica was so confident that she asked to duel Sarpoza instead. This resulted in a one-sided match where Sarpoza crushed Erica into pieces. It looked like her up and down life story was coming to a bitter end. However, she didn’t die. The magical item her father gave her, “The Bordeaux Feather” had transported her to safety.

When she opened her eyes, she was inside the Tower of Despair. She then met Azalea and became interested in her stories. She joined the Grim Seekers but did not stay long since time flows slowly in the Tower of Despair and she didn’t want to live in an era different from when she was born. After hearing the truth about Hilder, Erica decided to meet up with her again. She wanted to know the truth, was the warmhearted Hilder she traveled with all a lie? She now heads to Pandemonium determined to meet Hilder once more.


  • Sells legendary equipment, beads, and epic fragment boxes, in return for Light Source.png Light Sources acquired from Luke Normal dungeons.
  • Upgrades Savior Weapons and Level 90 Epic Equipment into much stronger equipment, in return for Monolium.png Monolium, a reward for completing Luke Raid dungeons.


Luke Subjugation Shop


Item Level Binding Cost
Heblon Selection Chest.png Wordless Constructor Set Equipment Selection Chest 1 Untradable 1050 Light Source.png Light Source
Heblon Selection Chest.png Heblon's Monarch Equipment Selection Chest 1 Untradable 100 Monolium.png Monolium, 1,000,000 Goldicon.png Gold


Request Chat

  • What's wrong? You don't look happy.
I can't say this is a happy place, but we can try to be happy. Come on, let's smile!
  • I remember when I acquired Caterina. I found her at the end of a hidden passageway in the Conquest of the Ancient Queen in Staten.
She was guarded by a guardian spirit, but I was able to persuade him to give her to me. She's been my guardian ever since.
  • Don't mind what Roy says. You'll only exhaust yourself if you try to understand eccentrics like him.
(Roy the Burning Pen) "You mean geniuses like me." *Smirk*
Let him think whatever pleases him.


Conversation start

Conversation end


  • Her name dates back to Old Nordic orgins being a feminine form of Eric being derived from Eiríkr meaning eternal ruler or the German variant ever powerful. It is also a popular name in Japan with it's own meanings favour, benefit, pear or fragrance.
  • Erica's outfit was sold for Female Fighter during Arad Cosplay.



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