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Undaunted Determination

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Undaunted Determination.png
Undaunted Determination
Bind to Account

A material used for buying Epic Soul.png Epic Souls. Can be found in Raid mode and used at the Loot Shop in the Raid Shop.
Up to 4,000 of this item can be obtained weekly per account and 650 per character, and this record is reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC

<Drop Qty> Fiend War: 150, Fiend War Guide Mode: 90, Prey-Isys: 200, Prey-Isys Guide Mode: 120, Sirocco: 200, Sirocco Guide Mode: 120, Sirocco Squad Mode: 160




NPC Item Level Binding Cost
Masked Knight Epic Soul Box (1).png Epic Soul Box (1) 1 Untradable 100 Undaunted Determination.png Undaunted Determination


  • Undaunted Determinations cannot be found in the inventory; they are invisibly stored across the entire account, and the quantity in possession can be seen in the Raid Shop's Loot Shop tab.