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Magnetic Magnes & Polus

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Magnetic Magnes & Polus
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Magnetic Polus


Magnetic Magnes & Polus are Cosmofiend brothers who can control electricity and magnetism. In Fiend War, they both guard the Radar Base.

Move Set

"Magnetic Magnes/Polus activated."

  • Magnetic Energy Spawn: Upon entering the room, party members will be pushed back by the brothers as Magnes will dash at the left side while Polus dashes at the right side. After this, they'll create a red-purple-blue magnetic field in the middle that's mandatory to break before it explodes. When the field's destroyed, both Magnes and Polus enter their groggy phase and each of them drop a magnetic orb of corresponding color.
    • Blue Magnetic Orb: Picking this up from Magnes will grant a blue magnetic field that damages Polus, but attacking Magnes will heal his HP and Magnes' attacks will do the same.
    • Red Magnetic Orb: Picking this up from Polus will grant a red magnetic field that damages Magnes, but attacking Polus will heal his HP and Polus' attacks will do the same.
    • Having neither orbs while attacking heals both brothers.
    • If a player already picked up an orb and they touched an opposite one, they'll receive an explosion that makes them lose the field completely.
  • Thrust: a basic attack from Magnes/Polus.
  • Magnetic Covering: Magnes & Polus place a magnetic covering on the floor. Touching it will deal damage to the player and launch them in the air.
  • Tornado: Magnes & Polus transform into tornadoes and dash in party members' directions. They're invulnerable during this pattern and after a certain amount of time has passed, they'll shut off and enter their groggy phase.


  • It's recommended to bring players who are experienced with how the patterns play out.
  • Once the Magnetic Energy Spawn is destroyed, each party member should pick up the same color orb to avoid damaging and healing the same brother at the same time. Conventionally, all players grab the Blue Magnetic Orb.
  • If you have classes who use pull-type skills, this can be helpful to lure Polus out of the Red Magnetic Orb's range and dispatch him with ease.
  • Alternatively, have your party gather at the bottom screen and wait for both brothers to recover from their groggy state and automatically use Tornado to dash towards them as a way to get them in the same spot.
  • If either Magnes or Polus dies, the magnetic pattern disappears completely.
  • Take advantage of hold-type skills or ones that cause air juggling to prevent them from using Tornado.
  • Wait for the Crusader/Enchantress to deploy Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette when the brothers enter their groggy phase.



  • The design for both brothers and their boss fight are themed after a Magnet.
  • Magnes' name could come from the mythical shepherd figure who discover magnetism.
  • Polus' name is from Latin orgin which means pole and is one of the two opposite ends of a magnet.