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Royal Messenger Walkman

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Royal Messenger Walkman
Age 49
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Kashipa
Occupation Kashipa's Envoy, Head of Looting Units
Alias Royal Messenger
Location Harlem
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Walkman is a member of the Kashipa who serves as the final boss in the Stadium dungeon during the Second Pandemonium Meeting. Nicknamed the "Royal Messenger", he is the head of the Looting Units who oversees both internal and external affairs on behalf of the leader, Sarpoza. Unlike other Kashipas, Walkman appears as a tall, imposing figure with a muscular build that's capable of using the Abyss to augment his physical strength. He is also seen as a teacher, managing to save Sergei while fanatically spreading the words of his leader across Harlem.


Pandemonium Meeting Lore:
He is a god, a savior, our religion.

As a messiah of this world, he will open a new era.
As his apostle, I spread his words.
They are the truth. Everything is as he wishes.

He can create anything and everything, and yet no one praises him.
He wanders in darkness because he has no place to call his own.
We will sing his glory. We will build him a home.

Whatever he wishes will be realized through me.
Any and all obstacles will be destroyed by my hands.

I will stop the imminent adversity and even the storm that carried it.
They will never reach him. I will put an end to them here. I will shed blood, and build a new sanctum where it is spilled.

When all this is over, I will stand on his left side and watch the beginning of a new era. I am ready to follow him on the long journey before him.
From this point on, everything will be remembered and recorded, for the holy bible for the new age.

For the Dark Eyes.[1]

Character Biography:

Male/Age 49.
Also known as Sarpoza's chief of staff.
Unlike Deputy Leader Doghead, who handles the secret affairs within the organization without having knowledge of the lower executives, he oversees all the internal and external affairs of the Kashipa on behalf of the seldom-seen Sarpoza.
Nicknamed the "Royal Messenger," he delivers orders to executives in an efficient and experienced manner.
It is said that he plays a significant role for minimizing conflict in the movement of the violent executives within the Kashipa organization.
An anecdote of Walkman claims that he read a report and worked even during his procedure of receiving an Abyss transplant; indirectly suggesting how the members of the organization perceive him.


Walkman is first seen in his office pondering about the idea of Crystallized Abyss while holding a Abyss Fragment in front of him, finding it interesting, yet unstable. His student, Silent Sergei then enters his office and tosses a tied-up person on the floor. Showing a smirk on his face, Walkman shatters the fragment and stands up to reveal the tied-up person to be none other than Gizel Logan.

He is accompanied by Sergei and Spirit Liberator Kephadona in the Second Pandemonium Meeting, as they not only make a proposition involving Isys' egg, but also wants Pai to attend because of her involvement in Harlem. While The Adventurer battles and defeats the representatives of their organizations, Nihilistic Ron is displeased at Walkman for not keeping his word regarding the offer, as he actually planned to kill them while the representatives were exhausted from fighting each other. Shortly after, Walkman heads to the Stadium to confront the still-standing Adventurer.

After Sergei is defeated, Walkman steps in to battle the Adventurer, only to lose as well. He's impressed that they're able to keep on fighting and thought the rumors about them were exaggerated. As he falls, he remarks that things are going according to His plan; while the strongest members of each organization are trapped in the Stadium, Kashipa members from East Harlem appear to attack the headquarters of each organization.


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As an Enemy

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Royal Messenger Walkman
Named Monster
It's time I step in.

Royal Messenger Walkman is a grab-immune boss. He will always be in Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) except when casting certain attacks. However, he will not flinch even if attacked during these certain attacks.

Move Set

  • Punch: Walkman quickly dashes in front of the player and throws a strong punch. He may use this attack multiple times in succession.
  • Strike: Walkman quickly dashes in front of the player and punches the ground. If he successfully hits the player, he may follow up with a Heel Strike.
  • Heel Strike: Walkman lifts his leg and slams it down on the ground.
  • Fist Strike: Walkman deals a powerful punch to the ground, causing AoE damage.
  • Palm Blast: Walkman fires a blast of energy forwards in a cone-shape area.
  • Leap: Walkman leaps upwards above the screen, moving to the player's location, and striking the ground as he lands.


  • Walkman will perform a powerful attack after his berserk condition has been triggered.
    • "Behold the sight of the Abyss!" Walkman surrounds himself in a bubble as he gathers his strength. After a few seconds, he throws a powerful punch that inflicts large AoE damage.
    • "Feel the restraining power of the Abyss!" Walkman will create a giant fist with his magic that has a strong suction effect, trapping any players who get close. After a few seconds, the fist explodes, dealing massive damage.
    • "There's no way you can stop the Abyss!" Walkman will trap the player in a dark bubble, immobilizing them. If the bubble is not destroyed in time, Walkman will destroy it with a giant fist made of magic, dealing massive AoE damage.
      • "Let's see if you can stop this as well!" If the bubble surrounding Walkman/the player is successfully destroyed in time, Walkman will be pushed back, and then dash forwards as he throws a strong punch at the ground.



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