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Spirit Liberator Kephadona

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Spirit Liberator Kephadona
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Kashipa's Fox Tail Unit Leader
Location Harlem

Spirit Liberator Kephadona is one of the potential encounters in the Stadium dungeon, and a member of the Kashipa who raided the Second Pandemonium Meeting. She is also leader of the high ranking combat unit, "Fox Tail" and Chief Combatant. Kephadona is seen as a self-proclaimed incarnation of a bloodthirsty ghost who is extremely violent and sadistic that enjoys the suffering of Harlem's residents.


Lore Excerpt:

We've found yet another village.
As if they knew we were coming, the villagers start gathering around, haphazardly armed. They thought they could fight us with such shabby farming implements. Hah! I decided that all of us aren't needed for something like this. I can take care of them on my own.

I rush into their midst, tearing and destroying everything within my reach. Confused by my sudden move, they call for their leader. I quickly run at him, killing him in an instant. His blood splashes all over me, dripping down. To these villagers, I am the incarnation of a bloodthirsty ghost.

Having witnessed the horrific death of their leader, everyone else succumbs to their fear and stops fighting. The slaughter that follows is easy. One by one, I put them out of their misery. Agonizing screams fill the air, and blood soaks the ground.

While I enjoy the sight of my gruesome work, my men round up the remaining villagers and force them to kneel before me. The fear, anxiety, and resignation are clear in their eyes. Looking at them, I feel the rush of sadistic thrill.

I can't take this anymore. I want to taste it right now!
Come on, look at me.
You all will want me, and give me your everything—soul, blood, everything! It's mine!

Pandemonium War Lore:

I'm still in pain. My hands feel as if they're on fire.

"Uh-oh. This is bad—real bad! I told you not to let your guard down, didn't I? Keh heh heh."

Shut up, crazy geezer, or I'm going to break your neck!

"Your Abyss is losing its power. It's a miracle that it's lasted this long."

So, do something about it! Urgggh...

"You're in so much pain that you can't even speak. Keh heh, alright. Your eyes tell me all I need to know."

Ugh... I'm losing... strength... I'm...

"No, you can't die just yet. I'll give you something good. It'll save you. You may not be as strong as before, though."

I don't care. Just give it... to me...

"Well, doesn't matter, does it? Here, take these gauntlets. They're one of my masterpieces. Keh heh heh!" [2]


Kephadona accompanies Silent Sergei and Royal Messenger Walkman to attend the Meeting along with the representatives of their organizations, but doesn't say anything. When Walkman was prepared to kill the exhausted representatives, he heads to the Stadium to battle the still-standing Adventurer with Kephadona following him. With both Walkman and Sergei defeated, she along with the remaining Kashipas managed to retreat back to East Harlem according to Niu, but ended up critically wounded afterwards.

Despite escaping, Kephadona was left in a weakened state with her hands badly damaged after the Stadium raid, until Gizel Logan approached her and offered to help by giving her mechanical gauntlets as replacements. She participates in the Pandemonium War by appearing at Reverse Street during the Adventurer's mission by stopping them from reaching Sarpoza, but was defeated in battle.

As an Enemy (Stadium)

No icon available
Spirit Liberator Kephadona
Named Monster
You think this would be over once you're dead? Teehee!

Move Set

  • Double Dash: Kephadona dashes twice, striking anything in her way, and leaving behind a trail of raised earth.
  • Ghost Mist: Kephadona spreads a red mist that gives her Invincibility (Status).png Invincibility (Status) for a short amount of time. She may freely cancel this invincibility state early.
  • Fox Fire: Kephadona fires off six small flames at the player, which inflict burn damage over time. She then strikes the ground, dealing AoE damage and calling back any flames that did not hit.
  • Slash Combo: Kephadona slashes twice. She often follows up with a High Kick.
  • Somersault Kick: Kephadona executes an aerial backflip kick that launches the player.
  • High Kick: Kephadona kicks the player, launching them slightly.
  • Dash Attack: Kephadona dashes towards the player and slashes.
  • Ground Impact: Kephadona clenches her hands together and swings at the ground, causing an impact that slightly launches the player.
  • Furious Race: After executing a Double Dash, Kephadona will cause her trail to explode.


  • Kephadona will perform her berserk attack once her berserk conditions have been met.
    • "I'll liberate your spirit from that weak body!" Kephadona leaps to the center of the stage and howls, sending out multiple shockwaves one after another that spread outward. Players must jump over these shockwaves.
      • Despite being shown with Invincibility frames, Kephadona is vulnerable to attacks during her berserk phase.

As an Enemy (Pandemonium War)

No icon available
Lonely Fist Kephadona
Named Monster

Kephadona makes her return as a Sub Boss in Reverse Street now going under a new moniker along with equipping a pair of gauntlets to replace her damaged hands.

Move Set

You're strong.

  • Rocket Punch: Kephadona charges up to fire out a fist projectile in front of her.
  • Melee: Kephadona does a close range punch that causes knockback.
  • Triple Somersault Kick: Kephadona executes a stronger version of Somersault Kick by doing three aerial backflip kick that creates crescent waves instead.
  • Shockwave Kick: Kephadona kicks the air which produces shock waves on the ground as they're identical to Female Brawler's Venom Mine.png Venom Mine.
  • Continuous Rocket Punch: Kephadona fires out three more Rocket Punches.
  • Aerial Rocket Punch: Kephadona jumps up into the air and fires out a Rocket Punch before landing back down.


  • Compared to her previous encounter in the Stadium, Kehpadona's attack patterns aren't particularly fatal, and she lacks a berserk. However she also doesn't have a groggy state similar to Bachira.
  • Kephadona isn't all that difficult to dispatch of without relying on Crusader/Enchantress to deploy their Apocalypse.png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette depending on the strength of your party. Some may use it during Hard Mode due to her increased health.



KephadonaFullBody.png KephadonaFullBodyPandemoniumWar.png


  • Kephadona's name means "Stone Lady" which is a combination of Kepha that's Aramaic for Stone, and Dona from the Italian title Donna meaning Lady.