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Returning Razin

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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Age 26
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Terra Cotta
Occupation Elementalist
Alias N/A
Location Elting Memorial
Foreign Name(s) N/A

Returning Razin is one of the potential encounters in the Stadium dungeon. She is known as the greatest Elementalist of the Terra Cotta, as well as the first Overmind.


Pandemonium Meeting Lore:

It was after everyone else fell asleep.
Light leaked out of the room that was occupied by Iris, the leader of the Terra Cotta. Inside the room, her neatly cleaned marrelete radiated Delarion's light. The table covered with a purple tablecloth had two teacups sitting on it. The flower buds in the teacups were almost fully opened when the flickering candlelights revealed a shadow emerging in the room.
"Welcome. I've been waiting."
Iris readily received her visitor. The visitor calmly stepped into the light, revealing the young face of Razin, framed by a deep green hood.
"I've prepared your favorite tea."
With a smile on her face, the leader of the Terra Cotta offered Razin a seat.
"No, thank you. I'll stay here."
The Terra Cotta leader's smiling face stiffened. Razin ignored it and looked her in the eye.
"I'll have to leave the Terra Cotta for a while."
"Is that your final decision?"
Instead of answering, Razin continued to stare at her leader.
Iris nodded and turned her head away from Razin, looking out the window. She had her answer.
Razin turned around, feeling rueful. She said her goodbyes. Iris was letting her go without saying a word.
"You'll never call me by my name again, will you?"
"...You're not the Iris I know."
Iris didn't respond. This was the last time Razin saw her.

Razin had returned to Iris's room as if drawn by a magnet.
It was empty. The purple tablecloth had gathered dust, and the candles had been reduced into short stubs.
Iris was no more—well, she probably wasn't here, even back then.
She wasn't anything to begin with.
Razin thought she could find the answer—the answer—through transcendence. What she'd found in the endless cycle of transcendence was cold, harsh reality.=

For whom does the Terra Cotta exist?

It's time for yet another Meeting, and now I'm in the same situation as Iris was back then. What should I do? Was Iris looking for answers, just like I am right now? Then...
"I'll have to go on the stage just like she did. If that's your plan."
Razin was alone, but the words she spoke were for someone else. She glared into space for a while before she left.
The room was empty again, just like it was after its original owner had left it.

Character Biography:

"Long time, no see, everyone."

Female. Age 26.
A mage of the Terra Cotta.
Known as the most talented Elementalist in her group, she reached the Transcendent stage at a young age.

At the age of twenty, she succeeded in staying in the Transcendent stage for an infinite time. She called herself Overmind, meaning a transcendent being, and disappeared before people who coveted her knowledge could approach her.
A few years went by, and her fame had faded. Razin returned with a calmer look in her eyes and without her infamously inexorable personality and bold, almost reckless habit of using mana. Everyone in the Terra Cotta wants to know what she's seen and learned in the Transcendent stage, but she won't divulge that information to anyone.




Request Chat

  • Being just one of many Elementalists in the Terra Cotta, I don't know the group as well as Nihilitic Ron, but I've heard that it was founded upon the teachings of the first Elementalist in history, Apostle Hilder.
It seems not many members of the group have talked to her in person, though. Even the most influential members receive her messages through Nihilistic Ron.
...Me? Ho ho, I don't know. What do you think, Adventurer? Do you think I'm good enough to speak to her in person?
  • This is my first time in Elting Memorial, and it's different from what I thought. I thought it'd be filled with mages who weren't afraid of breaking the rules. It's not really that way, though.
I dropped by its library and found some books that were worth reading. I also saw some ordinary-looking mages sharing their knowledge through discussions.
I'm ashamed that I was so biased about the place.
  • "What have you seen in the Transcendent stage?" Countless mages have asked me this question since I returned from that place.
My answer is always the same: "I can't tell you." Some think I was trying to keep the secret to myself. Some others think I was lying about reaching that stage.
But Adventurer, if you also want to know the truth, then let me tell you: I can't tell you what I've seen... just yet.
  • The Kashipas have grown stronger during the short time I was away. I felt it during our brief encounter.
It's difficult to tell how they did it, or what they're up to, but I'm not going to let them fool me again. I won't.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • ...So, you've met her there. What did she tell you?
I don't know everything she has in mind. I just know her appearance has empowered the Terra Cotta.
The Terra Cotta has always been like this. It's only natural that this group of traditional Elementalists follows and worships her, the first Elementalist, but...
I just hope Ron will learn something from what happened to the Guardians who wanted to protect justice of Pandemonium after they lost Niu.
  • Adventurer, are you also waiting for Niu to come back from the dimensional storm?
I know how difficult it is to leave where you belong, and now that she did, I don't think she'll ever come back.
The Guardians, since they lost their leader who kept them together, won't last long, either. I can already see the signs.
Ho ho, yes. I'm back.
But... I don't think I can go back to who I was before I left the Terra Cotta.

Conversation start

Conversation end

As an Enemy

Returning Razin is a named monster who is in constant Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status), despite the lack of the usual red outline. She will begin the match at Multicasting Level 1. After a certain amount of time has passed, she will move to Multicasting Level 2, allowing her to simultaneously cast numerous Level 1 and Level 2 spells. After a certain amount of time passes again, she will move to Multicasting Level 3. With each level increase, Razin's casting speed is greatly increased.

Move Set

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Returning Razin
Named Monster
  • Whack: Razin swings her staff and knocks the player far back.
  • Aura Shield: Razin maintains an aura shield that protects her from damage. After the shield is broken, Razin will teleport and become vulnerable to attacks. The aura shield will regenerate after a few seconds have passed and, once regenerated, Razin will automatically progress to the next Multicasting Level.
  • Sunburst: Razin teleports in front of the player and quickly casts a larger and stronger variation of Sun Burst.png Sun Burst.
  • Halloween Strike: Razin casts a variation of Halloween Buster.png Halloween Buster, dropping numerous Jack-O'-Lanterns which explode on impact.
  • Chilling Fence: Razin casts a variation of Ice Walls.png Ice Walls around her, which are larger and further away from her.
  • Teleport: Razin teleports to another location.
  • Voids: (Level 2+) Razin fires three dark orbs that slowly track the player. They are a much larger variation of The Void.png The Void. Once they are hit by an attack, or hit the player, they explode and turn into a smaller variation of Black Hole.png Black Hole. These black holes also have a shorter duration, but inflict all elemental damage instead of just shadow damage.
  • Quaking Crystals: (Level 3+) Razin casts four Transcendent Crystal.png Transcendent Crystals that spread out diagonally from her. Each of these crystals have their own health bars, and last until Razin's berserk attack. After a short amount of time, the crystals will simultaneously explode and cast Elemental Quake.png Elemental Quake, dealing massive damage.
  • Lightning: (Level 3+) Razin fires off numerous lightning bolts at the player. They are a larger variation of Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike, and have a much shorter interval in between attacks.


  • Upon reaching Multicasting Level 3, Razin will cast a powerful attack after a certain amount of time.
    • "I'll show you true magic." Razin will teleport to the center of the stage and cast a two-part spell. The first part is a large shock wave, followed shortly by a screen-wide attack that deals massive damage. Players must use Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound after being hit by the shock wave, and hold the skill key until the large attack has passed.




  • Razin is a Arabic name used for boys that means "gentle, noble, composed" which befits her character and personality.
  • Within the Overmind's subclass lore, Razin's name is spelled Rayzin.