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Direct Hitter Wordsworth

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Direct Hitter Wordsworth
Age 40
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Sarpoza's Escort Unit Commander
Location Harlem

Direct Hitter Wordsworth is a member of the Kashipa who serves as Commander of Black-Eyed Sarpoza's elite escort unit.


Pandemonium War Lore:

"I've heard you're constructing a weapon."

There was no response from the small hunched man sitting in the dark corner of the lab. Reminding himself that the success of his plan depended on this slave, Wordsworth loosened his fist.

"I need a piece of armor to control the power of the Abyss—"

"Keh heh heh!"

The slave, who had been busily moving his hands without looking back, coughed out a cackling laugh. His usually haggard face had become all the more unsightly in the last few days.

"Funny. Usually, people ask me to reinforce their Abysses. I can't help but wonder why you're asking this—"

Wordsworth's patience ran out. With a loud crack, the chunk of metal that the slave had been fumbling with was crushed by the fist that he swung.

"You'd better remember your place, or it'll be your head that will be crushed the next time."

"Keh... Keh heh heh! Very well! I'll make you armor fit for a warrior. I'd love to see how many heads you can crush with its power. Keh heh heh!"

The slave threw his head back, cackling. Looking down at his face, Wordsworth repeated his plan in his head. I'll accept the Abyss, but I'll continue to fight as a warrior... for the Boss. For the prophesied day.


Male aged 40.

The commander of the Kashipa leader's escort unit. He became famous when he declined Sarpoza's offer of the power of the Abyss and developed his physical strength purely on his own.

Sarpoza, impressed by his tenacity and skills, established the escort unit, so he could keep Wordsworth close to him.

Wordsworth was proud to have become the great warrior he was without relying on the Abyss, but his desire to repay his boss Sarpoza for respecting his wishes was far greater, so he finally decided to fully commit himself to his leader's plan.



In Wordsworth's past life, he's earned a reputation for not only being a proud warrior among the Kashipa due to his immense strength, but turned down the Abyss when he received an offer from his boss, Sarpoza who specifically chose Wordsworth as his Commander of the Escort Unit in which he established after being impressed by his skills.

As Sarpoza begins initiating his plan on becoming a god through the prophecy, Wordsworth decides to follow his cause by accepting the Abyss when he approaches Gizel Logan asking him to create armor that's capable of controlling it's power, but will continue fighting as a warrior regardless.

Wordsworth makes his appearance inside Reverse Street confronting the Adventurer and their group only referring to them as dirty rats after being told about them by Dog Head as he fights to keep them from reaching his boss while showing off his powers. But he was defeated along with his armor falling apart in the process.

As an Enemy

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Direct Hitter Wordsworth
TypeHybrid.png TypeHuman.png

Wordsworth makes his debut as the end boss of Reverse Street.

Move Set

You, stop there.

  • Laser Beams: Throughout the room, laser beams will shoot down like lightning bolts, dealing a respectable amount of damage to players hit by them.
  • Mass Laser Bombing Heh, heh, heh! let's play! Wordsworth uses his mechanical tentacles to strike the ground and launch down a wave of laser beams in an expanding circle around him. The move's setup is identical to Cumulonimbus's Area-wide Lightning pattern, but it goes in a clockwise direction.
  • Tracking Tether: I'll show you my omnipotent power! Heh, heh. Try to run, rats! Wordsworth teleports to the center with the screen darkens as he targets a random player by sending out a mechanical tether to chase down and grab at them. Untargeted players can also be caught by it if they are standing in its path. If a player is caught by the tether, they'll be lifted up and brought back to Wordsworth until the tether explodes, causing heavy damage with Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status) included.
  • Tackle: Wordsworth performs a front line tackle attack that knocks players airborne and inflicts Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status).
  • Charge: You can't hide from me, you rats! Mwa hah hah! Identical to Lava Monster Worm's pattern, Wordsworth hits a random player with a mechanical tentacle that pushes them back and prepares to charge at them with a yellow line indicating his target. While preparing, three broken cars drop down from the sky and that targeted player is able to use that to dodge his incoming charge and if he hits the car, Wordsworth will be in a mini-groggy state for 3 seconds. Failure to dodge will have him attack the targeted player for heavy damage.
  • Energy Release: The map will be split horizontally into two sections as Wordsworth launches out electrical massive energy to each section from top to bottom. Simply dodge by moving up and down out of the red indicators as he does this pattern, afterwards he'll move to the middle and be in a mini-groggy state for 4 seconds.

  • Berserk
    • Triple Charge: Alright, let's start the game. This pattern's setup is similar to Golden Wing Tritura's Super Grab berserk. After 45 seconds into the fight, Wordsworth pushes back party members to either the bottom left or right corner while the screen darkens and he moves to the opposite corner, creating three circles with numbers on them indicating how many players should be in each circle. In order to make Wordsworth enter his groggy state, the party members must go inside the circles based on the number showing above and block his incoming charges three times. (1 = 1 player, 2 = 2 players, 3 = 3 players, 4 = all players) If all three blocks are successful, Wordsworth will be groggy for 20 seconds.
      • Failure to meet the requirements will cause Wordsworth to perform a potentially lethal room wipe.


  • Wordsworth wields a lot of hard-hitting physical and some ranged attacks that can be quite troublesome for melee-based classes who rely on using close range skills.
  • Focus on dealing sustained damage during his mini-groggy state with Charge and Energy Release respectively.
  • The Laser Beams that drop from the sky are annoying, especially during his berserk pattern when they push back players while trying to stay in the circles.
  • For Tracking Tether:
  • The Leap.png Leap skill is useful against Wordsworth's Charge if the cars that dropped are destroyed.
  • Once in his main groggy, have the Crusader/Enchantress have deploy Apocalypse.png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette to dispatch of Wordsworth before he starts up his patterns.
  • It can be helpful to cast Seraph's Light of Divinity.png Light of Divinity at the beginning of the Triple Charge pattern to allow players to make their way to the circles without being hitstunned.
  • If the players fail to successfully block Wordsworth all 3 times, Seraphs and Enchantresses can potentially save their party members using Regenerative Aria.png Regenerative Aria and First Aid of Love.png First Aid of Love respectively.


Wordsworthface.png WordsworthFullbody.png


  • The name Wordsworth is of English origin given to boys means world guardian which befits his character.
  • His design could be inspired by Doctor Octopus, a known supervillain from the Spider-Man universe.
    • The way he enters is similar to how Octopus uses his mechanical tentacles to move around.