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Hatred Veil

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Hatred Veil
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Born in Pandemonium, Veil is a dark mage of the Kashipa who has an innate ability to absorb negative emotions of creatures around him and increases his own power that way. Hiding his ability since childhood, he grew up in a herd of children in Kashipa. One day, when it's soldiers were selling major group of children as slaves, Veil threw away his disguise and absorbed all of children's negative emotions that were accumulated throughout their entire lives and threatened to kill every Kashipa soldier.

Surprisingly, they found Veil's boldness and arrogance pretty funny and let him become one of their combatants. After that, Veil took part in many battles and was refining his fighting skills with a plan to overtake the control of the Kashipa someday, until he met Heart Destroyer Ricardo. Terrified by his power and instinctively realizing that he'll never be able to defeat Ricardo, Veil fled from the Kashipa and hid in Luke's Castle of the Dead where he met the Apostle who transformed him into a being of darkness.

Move Set

  • Shadow Shield: Veil starts off with a shield protecting him from damage. Destroy this to make him vulnerable as the shield does regenerate after some time passes.
  • Teleport: Veil often teleports around players to attack them.
  • Ground Blast: Veil creates an explosion using his shadow energy to knock down players.
  • Shadow Slaughter: Veil does a quick dash for a multi-hitting slash attack that deals moderate to heavy damage.
  • Shadow Fang: Veil will begin stomping the ground that creates shadows in a counterclockwise pattern that shoots up blades inflicting heavy damage upon stepping foot into those shadows. Attack him to stop the move from continuing.
  • Shadow Blast: Veil creates a barrier and pushes back players to starts casting an attack. Destroy the barrier in less than five hits and or if the cast bar fills up, he'll use an explosion-like attack that causes a instant kill wipe.
  • Shadow Tracker: When the screen goes dark, Veil will randomly choose a player to dash at and grab them. If the move connects, tentacles will spawn out of Veil's hand and deals lethal damage that'll kill anyone who's grabbed and can possibly heal Veil. Either have party members attack to hold him to break the move.





  • He is featured as a Arad Cosplay look for Male Fighter.
  • Veil's name is a mistranslated reference to a Welsh football player, Gareth Bale meaning he would of been called "Hatred Bale" instead.
    • Although the Veil renaming does make sense considering his appearance.
  • He represents the Hermit tarot card.