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Predator Tinas Hauff

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Predator Tinas Hauff is the missing Kashipa Leader of the Combat Unit, Black Mint who somehow ended up in the Tower of Despair and serves as the APC on Floor 95.

Predator Tinas Hauff
Portrait-Predator Tinas Hauff.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Kashipa
Occupation Black Mint Unit Leader
Battle Mage
Alias N/A
Location Tower of Despair (Formerly)
Pit of Incarceration


"Mana Starvation". It is a sporadic form of mental disease that only a few magicians are born with
that makes the body attempt to fill its hunger with external mana.
Of course, mana can't fill the actual hunger.
Every process is a mental function, and it seems to be related with the natural tendencies of magic.
The psychological stimulus when absorbing mana is connected to the consumer's brain as pleasure through the taste buds.
It is the same as eating a delicious meal.
This sort of mental satisfaction is temporary, and because the time of fulfillment decreases with repetition,
the affected patients become slowly aggressive.
It's hard to find a case for this symptom among grown magicians because it usually dies off during childhood.


As with several Kashipa members, Tinas Hauff's origins are unknown. She is one of few Mages who was born with an unusual mental disease called 'Mana Starvation' that gave her the ability to absorb mana for temporary pleasure, but this would result in her behavior becoming slowly violent over time due to those effects. Tinas eventually joins the Kashipa as a Battle Mage leading her own combat unit called 'Black Mint' until under mysterious circumstances, she would be transported into the Tower of Despair along with ninety nine combatants within the highest floors.

After the Tower of Despair leaves Arad, she decides to defect from the Grim Seeker followers led by Soldoros to cause trouble in the world below. As a result, she is tracked down and defeated by Reinforced Human Teruxia to be later be captured by the Adventurer and Sure Shot 6 Raina and imprisoned within the Pit of Incarceration.


PredatorTinasHauff FullBody.jpg


  • Despite being a Battle Mage, she carries around a Broomstick during her fight.
  • Tinas's character design seems to take inspiration from outfits worn by known singer, Lady Gaga.
  • Her name is likely a corruption based upon a real-world individual who's diagnosed with a rare disease in which the Mana Starvation symptoms comes into play.