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Category:Automated Player Character family

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Page layout and data is outdated. Refer to individual APC pages.

Enemies that resemble playable classes. The simplest versions will spam only one skills while the more advanced enemies will possess combos.

Icon Nemesis.jpg
Kuran's Nemesis Jahilde (Asura)
Nemesis Jahilde.jpg Location
Purgatorium: Room A3

Purgatorium map 1.gif

Spams Neutral Wave Sword and occasionally uses Wave Radiation.
Icon Lotus Puppet.jpg
Lotus's Puppet (Crusader)
Lotus Puppet.jpg Location
Outer Temple Walls: Room C5

Outer Temple Wall map 1.gif

Buffs self with Strike, and goes on the offensive with Giant Weapon Launcher and Blades of Purity.
Icon Treasure Hunter Jakarta.jpg
Treasure Hunter Jakarta (Brawler)
THJakarta.png Location
Silver Night: Room D3

Silver Night map 1.gif

Will attempt to Double Throw Split Disks, and uses Explosive Hook often. Occasionally uses Apply Poison. Spams Muse's Uppercut after being knocked down.
Icon Empyrean Wanderer Magney.jpg
Empyrean Wanderer Magney (Mechanic)
Empyrean Wanderer Magney sprite.png Location
Second Spine: Will always spawn in Room D1, and has a chance of spawning in room C1 and B1

Map Second Spine.JPG

Uses BBQ and summons RX-78 Land Runners and Ez-8 Time Bombs. The intelligence quest requires you to defeat him in room C1.
Icon GBL Library Cleaner.jpg
GBL Library Cleaner (Witch)
GBL Library Cleaner.jpg Location
GBL Arad Branch: Room A1, D1, C3

Map gbl arad branch.jpeg

Uses basic melee attack and air dashes around.
Icon Frostbite Xile.jpg
Frostbite Xile (Gunner)
Frostbite Xile sprite.png Location
GBL Laboratory: Room A4

Map GBL Laboratory.JPG

Uses custom Ice Wave attack. Spams ice flowers and icicles in areas around him whenever he is attacked, to block your movements and damage you
Icon-Octopus Hunter.png
Octopus Hunter (Priest)
Octopus Hunter.png Location
GBL Laboratory:

Map GBL Laboratory.JPG

Uses Furious Grab
Icon Necromancer Deathword.jpg
Necromancer Deathword (Slayer)
Necromancer Deathword.png Location
GBL Hatchery: Room C2, D1

Map GBL Hatchery.JPG

Uses custom attack, summons Undead GBL Zealots
Icon Hughton.jpg
Houghton, King of Destruction (Monk)
Hughton.jpg Location
GBL Hatchery: Boss Room

Map GBL Hatchery.JPG

Boss summon - Dodges with Sway and Ducking Dash, fights with an overpowered Lucky Straight Punch. (Straight punch like a man!)
Icon Wacky Lim Lim.jpg
Wacky Lim Lim (Battle Mage)
Wacky Lim Lim.jpg Location
Ryku Point: Room A4, B3, B5

Map Ryku.JPG

Uses Stabbing Wheel, Punto Wave, and Mana Shield to protect herself from attacks. Also has access to the Elementalist's Fire Pillar skill.
Icon Sewer Queen Faris.jpg
Sewer Princess Faris (Brawler)
Sewer Queen Faris.jpg Location
Shallow Keep: Run the map counter-clock wise

Shallow Map v1.jpg

Has a vicious Raging Vulcan attack that will 40HKO most classes. Her Mount does 20 hits. Spams Double Throw, Berserk Dragon Cry, and constantly plants Screaming Vine Plants and inflicts darkness upon getting hit. Uses several basic Brawler skills. Seems to have equipped a Gileimo as well.
Chuseol icon.png
Chuseol (Exorcist)
Blizzard Chuseol sprite.png Location
Bwanga's Camp: 9th room

Map Bwanga.JPG

Spams Giant Weapon Launcher, Chaos Hammer, and Phoenix Hammer. Attacks cause Ice shards to fall from the sky due to having equipped Blizzard Totem. Seems to have equipped Charlie's Necklace as well, having a chance to summon Wild Toy Soldier when hit.
Engelheim icon.png
Heat Wave Engelheim (Asura)
Heat Wave Engelheim.png Location
Frostfield: 3rd room
Spams Neutral Wave Sword, Wave Radiation, Wave Wheel Slasher and Fire Wave Sword. May cast super armor when using spells.
Psychopath (Monk)
Psychopath.png Location
Moonlight Tavern: 2nd Room
Attacks and moves slowly. Primarily uses Monk dashing skills, and dodges with Sway.
Julio Quickfoot (Soul Bender)
Julio.jpg Location
Moonlight Tavern: Left-most room
Fights like a Soul Bender, summons Bremen and Saya, attacks with Phantasmal Slayer and Ghost Slash
Aganzo (Blademaster, special enemy)
Aganzo.jpg Location
Moonlight Tavern: Top-middle room
Extremely powerful! Spams high level blademaster skills, combos a lot, and if pressured sufficiently, will proceed to use the Blademaster's awakening, Sword Storm. His Illusion Sword Dance also releases twisters.
Samm Jang (Brawler)
Sammjang.jpg Location
Moonlight Tavern boss
Very dangerous, uses various Brawler skills and grabs. If you are fighting her on King's Road, she will cast permanent super-armor once her health is low enough.
Kartel Arsonist (Spitfire)
Kartel Arsonist.png Location
Ghent Outskirts: The two rooms, two spaces below and above the starting point


Spawns and attacks en masse, a group of Arsonists will attack together and spam multiple Napalm shots at once.
TMH Signalman (Mechanic)
Signalman.jpg Location
East Ghent Gate: The middle room


Does not do anything other than run away from you, hide with camouflage. Uses Mech Drop occasionally.
Rusty Bullet Squad (Launcher)
Rustybullet.png Location
South Ghent Gate: The bottom left-most and bottom right-most rooms


A squad of 6-7 Launchers that only spam M-137 Gatling Gun and plant EX-S Vipers. Tends to attack together and will attempt to pin you back with projectiles.