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Mia the Druid

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Mia the DruidIcon.png Druid Mia
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation Cyphers
Occupation Cypher
Alias N/A

Foreign Names:
드루이드 미아
Romanized Name:
Deuruideu Mia (lit. Druid Mia)

Location Grozny, Chantri
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Mia the Druid or Druid Mia is one of the many secondary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and one of the three Cyphers who safeguard the Cypher sanctuary, Grozny, the Green City.

Adventurers first encounter her while traversing through Grozny to investigate the Epidemic in North Myre.

Later, during the events of the Black Order Resurgence, Mia goes missing while investigating the disappearances of Worm Deschamps and the other Cyphers much to Michelle's chagrin. In response, Michelle asks the Adventurers to find and rescue her and their missing colleagues.


Character Biography:

"Even plants react to the temperatures of our emotions."

Female/Age Unknown.
One of the Cyphers living in North Myre. She has the ability to communicate and command plants.

When Michelle the Telekinetic had to go away because of the Dimensional Storm, Worm Deschamps and she took care of the other Cyphers in her stead.
Then, Cyphers started going missing all of a sudden, and Deschamps was captured by the Cult of Darkness while looking into their disappearances.
Now, Mia goes after the Cult to save him.

The Exile Mountains Lore Excerpt:

Mia was sitting under a tree, enjoying the sunlight. A small twig gently swayed and tickled her on the cheek.
Loving the fresh green fragrance of the twig, Mia spoke her mind in spite of herself, startling herself.

"... Is this happiness?"

She blinked and looked around.
Her vision blurred for a moment and returned, gaining focus on the village in front of her that had been abandoned because of an epidemic breakout.
This broken village was the Cyphers' home now, and it was shining beautifully in the sun.
Was North Myre so beautiful before it was destroyed?
Are we even capable of feeling happiness?
She wasn't sure if what she was feeling right now was happiness. She was never happy before.
She just vaguely assumed the warmth made her feel something inside.


It was Deschamps's voice. Mia looked up.
He was ready to go. Mia knew he was leaving today.

"Okay, come back safely. You hear?"
"Of course. I'm not going where there are any people. I'll be fine."

Deschamps spoke casually and turned around to leave.
Watching him walk away, Mia felt her chest tightening, like it always did at times like this.


It was as if it wanted to get rid of this strange emotion that suddenly washed over her.
Or maybe it was trying to warn her of another tragedy that would inevitably come.

"Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine."

Mia spoke to the twig as she watched until Deschamps completely disappeared from her sight.
The twig gently swayed in the wind and caressed her shoulder
as if to comfort her.




Request Chat — Chantri

Normal Dialogue

Option 1
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid
Good to see you again, Adventurer. Remember me?

My friends call me Mia the Druid. You can call me Mia.

Option 2
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid
This place is so arid that plants can't thrive.

Neither can I, since I draw my power from them.

Option 3
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid
Do you know what a Cypher is? It's what people call us who have strange powers.

My power has been a gift and a curse at the same time.

Just because I smile all the time, it doesn't mean I'm happy about myself or the situation I'm in as a Cypher.

Favor Dialogue (Friendly)[3]

Option 1
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid
Do you know Michelle the Telekinetic? She's the strongest and smartest of us all!

She also acts as the leader of us Cyphers, who naturally have a hard time sticking together.

In fact, I can tell that it's really difficult for the others to follow her orders.

We haven't seen her around lately since that thing, the massive dimensional storm, showed up.

Option 2
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid
I'm originally from the Back Alley of the Principality of Bel Myre.

There were others like me, too, who stayed cuddled up in that dark, dank corner of the country... Am I a member of the Principality?

Weeelll... If I was, I wouldn't have had to hide in that cesspool of human garbage, now would I?

Friendly Option 3
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid
Do you know even plants and trees have emotions?

I talk to them sometimes. They love sunny days and hate feeling parched, just like us.

Close your eyes and try to listen to the blades of grass rubbing against each other in the wind or the leaves that bounce as rain drops hit them. That's how they express themselves.

Favor Dialogue (Trusted)[3]

Option 1
Mia-Face3.png Mia the Druid
Michelle once told us about the storm and that it'd bring about huge changes.

Can it also be related to the sudden movements of the Cult of Darkness? I don't think it will die out anytime soon, and I'm not ready for any more big changes...

Option 2
Mia-Face3.png Mia the Druid
I'm devastated. Deschamps didn't do anything wrong.

The only thing he did was try to protect his friends. I feel so sorry for him that my chest hurts.

You think I could have saved him if I were stronger?

I hate my power. It's been a curse of my life, but it's not strong enough a curse to help me when I need it the most.

Option 3
Mia-Face3.png Mia the Druid
Today's a wonderful day because it rained in this arid desert.

Did you know? Michelle told me this, but it only rains twice a year around this Desert of Ashen, and I got to be here one of the two days. I feel so lucky!

Gift Dialogue (Normal)[3]

Option 1
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid

Whoa, thank you!

Option 2
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid

Is this for me? Mia is so touched!

Option 3
Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid

Teehee! I'm going to show it to my plants.

Gift Dialogue (Friendly)[3]

Option 1
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid

Let's keep this secret between the two of us. Teehee!

Option 2
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid

Mm... How about I cook you some green porridge in return?

Option 3
Mia-Face2.png Mia the Druid

Here, Mia made this thorn necklace for you!

Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue Translation

식물들도 감정의 온도를 느낄 수 있답니다. 모르셨죠?
singmuldeuldo gamjonge ondoreul neukkil su itttamnida. moreusyotjjyo?

shokubutsu mo kanjō no ondo kanjiru ndesu yo. shiranakattadeshou?

Even plants can feel the temperature of emotions. Did you know that?

미쉘이 차원의 폭풍 때문에 고민이 많은 모양이에요.
miswaeri chawone pokpung ttaemune gomini maneun moyangieyo.

misheru ga jigen no arashi no kotode sugoku nayan deru mitai ndesu.

Michelle seems very troubled by the dimensional storm.

어째서 사이퍼들에게는 자꾸 힘든 일만 생기는 걸까요?
ojjaeso saipodeuregeneun jakku himdeun ilman saenggineun golkkayo?

dōshite saifā ni wa tsurai koto bakari okoru no deshou ka?

Why do only terrible things happen to Cyphers?

Conversation Start

모험가님! 여기에요!
mohomganim! yogieyo!

bōken-sha-san! kokodesu!

Adventurer! You're here!

미아와 식물들은 언제나 준비되어 있어요. 무슨 일이신가요?
miawa singmuldeureun onjena junbidweo issoyo. museun irisingayo?

mia to shokubutsu wa itsu demo junbi dekite imasu. nan no goyōdesu ka?

Mia and her plants are always ready. What can we help you with?

모험가님은 사이퍼들의 은인, 미아도 최선을 다해 도울게요!
mohomganimeun saipodeure eunin, miado chwesoneul dahae doulkkeyo!

bōken-sha-san wa saifā no onjin, mia mo zenryoku de otetsudai shimasu ne.

You're a hero to us Cyphers; Mia will do her best to help too!

Conversation End

아, 제비꽃이랑 대화할 시간이에요.
a, jebikkochirang daehwahal siganieyo.

あっ, 菫の花と話しする時間です。
a, sumire no hana to hanashisuru jikandesu.

Oh, it's time to talk to the violets.

미아의 도움이 필요하면, 언제든 찾아와주세요!
miae doumi piryohamyon, onjedeun chajawajuseyo!

mia no otetsudai ga hitsuyōnara, itsu demo kite kudasai ne.

If you need Mia's help, please drop by anytime!

다른 동료들도 함께 할 수 있었다면 좋았을텐데...
dareun dongnyodeuldo hamkke hal su issotttamyon joasseultende...

hoka no nakama-tachi mo issho ni i raretara yokattanoni...

If only the rest of my friends were with me too...

Speech Bubble Dialogue

  • Can we ever be peaceful?[4]

As an Enemy (Verderia)

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Mia the Druid

Mia the Druid APC.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Class Female Fighter
Level 56
Dungeons Verderia
Drops unknown
Edit Data


She has the image of a Female Fighter with the Gold Silk Petal Dress avatar, and spawns with Root Dwellers.

Move List

  • Tree Roots Spear- This attack is very similar to the attacks of the Dendroids' in Behemoth. However, these attacks can go diagonal, and are not marked by a yellow marker, making it harder to dodge than the Dendroids'.
  • Blind Seed- This is also an attack similar to the Dendroids',only with less range(only 1 seed). This attack blinds you if it hits.
  • Plant Bind- This move immobilizes the player/victim until the bind is destroyed or the it fades away (5 seconds?).This bind is similar to the Hell Demon Nightshade's, and can only be destroyed by basic skills (the skills you have access to before sub-class advancement).


  • As she runs towards you, use a Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) skill that launches her or pushes her back, such as Ghost Orb.png Ghost Orb or Mountainous Wheel.png Mountainous Wheel to attack her.
  • To avoid her Tree Roots Spear, watch for when she kneels down and parts of the map near you/in front of you that has been altered to be similar to a trench - this is where the Spears will attack.
  • Keep moving to avoid the Plant Bind. If you can kill Mia or keep her in the air/combo her while she is on the ground continuously, she cannot summon the bind.

Notes / Oddities

  • Her Tree Roots Spear can, interestingly, be Perfect Guard'd by an Asura, albeit very difficult. Also, this does not help much as more spears will appear from behind.
  • Her Tree Roots Spear grants her a short invincibility frame while she is in the kneeling position- similar to Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound.
  • If the plant bind is summoned but does not catch you, but you run into it, you will be immobilized.

As an Enemy (Exile Mountains)

No icon available
Mia the Druid
TypeDemon.png TypeHybrid.png TypePlant.png

Now appearing in The Exile Mountains with a Imposter form, Mia is featured as a end boss during The Wilderness.

Move Set

Thorn Spears: Mia randomly targets players by stabbing the ground with her claws to create thorns underneath in a fan-shaped AoE. There are yellow circles to indicate where those thorns will rise up and they can be easily avoided, but getting stabbed by the thorns can inflict heavy damage.

Thorn Seeds: While she maneuvers around the map from left to right, Mia starts to plant seeds onto the ground. If left unattended, these seeds will begin sprouting into large brambles that causes damage upon contact.

Cursed Yellow & Red Trees: Generating either a Red or Yellow tree and as she approaches it, Mia will begin to charge up to launch out a AoE shockwave at party members. To avoid being hit by the shockwave, there is a Green tree nearby which emits a aura that'll protect all players and disperses after the pattern ends.

Parasite: Mia will target at a random player by stabbing them and summons a circle of thorns. If players are hit by the thorns, they'll have a parasite attached to them that results in not only having their screen fading red, but also vulnerable to party members' attacks which instantly kills those who have a parasite latched on.

Nourishment: Mia moves into the map's center section and begins launching out a series of three shockwaves that can be easily jumped over to avoid being damaged, but if a player gets hit by one of those shockwaves, Mia creates numerous Thorn Spears underneath them healing Mia's HP if they're stabbed. Afterwards, she'll charge up by suctioning in party members for one more attack as she drops down to create larger thorns around her.


  • Mia herself is not a very difficult boss to fight, but she wields very hard-hitting attack patterns.
  • Keep plenty of Healing Potions on you just in case your HP is low from being badly damaged or have the Crusader/Enchantress use Healing Wind.png Healing Wind/Regenerative Aria.png Regenerative Aria/First Aid of Love.png First Aid of Love.
  • It's recommended that the Thorn Seeds she leaves on the ground need to be destroyed immediately before they sprout into brambles as those can interfere with her fight.
  • For Parasite:
    • Stay far away from your party members if a parasite is latched unto you and your screen starts to fade red to avoid being killed by their attacks.
  • For Nourishment:
    • If you or anyone in the party who is being chased by by Mia's thorns, The Seraph's Edification.png Edification or Enchantress's Hot Affection.png Hot Affection is helpful for those who have slower movement speed to avoid being hit.
    • Time your jumps correctly during the shockwaves section and run away when she begins her final attack. Do not go near Mia until those large thorns around her vanish.
  • Due to her lack of a berserk or groggy state, most parties often opt to burst her down upon entry so have the Crusader/Enchantress to deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call and use your strongest skills.

Quotes (Exiles)


  • (びろ!)
  • (ウン... 記憶きおくが...)
"Ungh... Memories..."
  • (うつくしい...)'
"So pretty..."
  • (がれ!)
  • (あっ... 駄目だめ!)
"Ugh... No..."
  • (げて...)
  • "Red Tree's Curse" (Tooltip)
  • "Yellow Tree's Curse" (Tooltip)
  • "I'll feed on you!" (Tooltip)



APC version in Verderia NPC version in Chantri MiaSummer.gif MiaHalloween.gif MiaChristmas.gif


Mia-NFace1.png Mia the Druid Full Body.jpg Mia the Druid Full Art.png


  • Mia's name can be derived from several different names of Italian and Spanish origins which has various meaning such as bright, friendly or guardian of justice.
  • In Ancient Celtic Mythology, Druids were protectors of Forests depicted as high ranking priests, magicians, or soothsayers and their name had a meaning called knower of the oak tree as this befits Mia considering that her powers revolve around nature and trees alike.
  • Just like Michelle and Deschamps, she is also a playable character in Cyphers, although her design is much different compared to her DFO counterpart.


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