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Shantri Loading Screen.png
Location Arad Continent
Level Requirement Level 100
NPCs Lucille Redmayne, Mia the Druid, Michelle, Oberith Rosenbach, Teida Beonarr
Areas Exile Mountains
Storm Pass
Chest Town

Chantri (샨트리) is a small settlement located near the Stru Mountains on the border between the Bantu Nation and the De Los Empire. It serves as the base of operations of the Priest Order and Adventurers, during the Black Order Resurgence storyline. The town can be accessed by Players who have reached Lv.100 and fulfilled the necessary Act quests.

A historic town once used as refuge by the Bantu to escape the wrath of the Ice Dragon Skasa. Many years ago, its townsfolk had suffered a raid by the Mist orchestrated by Emperor Leon Heinrich III, sparking a war against the Empire, from which it still recovers. After the Apostolic Crusade, a resurgence of the Black Order has led to increased Imposter sightings and strange disappearances in North Myre. The Priest Order, investigating this matter, has arrived in the town to use it as a base of operations before entering the Usir Order sanctum located deep within the Stru Mountains, and prevent the Black Order from retrieving the God of Destruction's remains.




Portrait Name Occupation Location
Lucille Redmayne Grand Inquisitor Eastern Area
Mia the Druid Cypher Eastern Area
Michelle Cypher Eastern Area
Teida Beonarr Archpriest Eastern Area
Oberith Rosenbach Archpriestess Eastern Area
Deputy Helga Deputy Inquisitor Eastern Area
Prince Van Frantz.png
Prince Van Frantz Prince of De Los Town Square

Exile Mountains