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Oberith Rosenbach

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Oberith Rosenbach
Age 21
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
Occupation Female Crusader, Archpriest
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre, Lemidia Basilica

Oberith Rosenbach is Magar Rosenbach's only granddaughter and descendant of the Rosenbach family. She is also one of four Archpriests who created the Female Crusader division.


Character Biography:

"Imposters were humans once."

Female. Age 21.
An extraordinary Crusader from the famous family of Crusaders, Rosenbach.

One of the Four Archpriests and a descendant of Milan Rosenbach of the Holy Five.
She believes that the Priests must encourage Imposters to regain their senses instead of slaughtering them.
She's organized a Crusader division with girls rescued from cults to help them live new lives.
Because of her belief, she's at odds with Teida, who believes all Imposters must be eliminated.
She wears the lightweight plate armor that her grandfather, Magar Rosenbach, custom-ordered for her.
She's also highly conscious of the way she looks, which seems to affect the output of her sacred power each day.

"Imposters are human too. They need compassion as well."
   —— Oberith

"Beauty is most holy; you just aren't sacred enough."
   —— Oberith, to Teida



Request Chat

  • My grandfather is worried about me all the time. He doesn't seem to realize that I'm a young kid [sic] anymore.
  • We Priests aren't born for the Order; the Order was created for us.
  • A great many cults are being born and operated under the excuse of holy revelation even as we speak. It's our job to punish them, but only He can make them truly atone for their sins.
Ho ho. I see. You look so different now that I almost didn't recognize you. Did you receive a real revelation this time? Congratulations on your becoming a legitimate Priest.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • That massive storm may not have done any serious damage anywhere yet, but everyone can't take their eyes off it. Finally, I understand the phrase in the Bible, "Your greatest enemy is your own fear and anxiety."

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  • Oberith's name is derived from Obert of French origins given to boys meaning Noble Bright.


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