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Bowmaster Ludmilla

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LudmillaIcon.png Ludmilla Bjor
Age 25
Sex Female
Race Seonan
Affiliation Bluehawks - 3rd Battalion Commander (Formerly)
Occupation Merchant
Archer Trainer
Alias N/A
Location Saint Horn
Clearmist (Solidaris)
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Bowmaster Ludmilla is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online as part of a De Los Empire Resistance group alongside Luther and Natalia Sue, originally making her debut located on the Saint Horn airship in Saint Horn Region as a navigator and merchant for the unavailable Otherverse dungeons, selling Chronicle Equipment.

Prior to her appearance in Arad, she was once recruited into the Bluehawks Pirate group by it's leader, Captain Birdie at a young age, later becoming their 3rd Battalion Commander.


Character Biography:

Female, aged 25.

Her full name is Ludmilla Bjor, and she's the navigator of the Resistance's ship. Nothing about her is known except that she's from Seon in the Shallow.

For a reason that only she knows, she's been using the airship that she brought from Seon, the Saint Horn, to fight the Empire with Captain Luther,

her best friend and comrade with whom she's overcome adversity more times than she can count.

She's the Number One criminal wanted by the Empire and worth 10 billion Gold because she assassinated Ballack, the second-in-command of the Empire's field army, by shooting an arrow into his forehead.

Every bounty hunter who came after her has also been found with an arrow stuck in their forehead. Because of her amazing archery, she's known as the Bowmaster in the Empire.

She's good enough to hit passing birds from her quickly flying airship, but she continuously trains to further improve her skills.

She's slim and slightly built, but her red hair and piercing eyes give her overwhelming presence.

There's not a playful bone in her body. She's serious about everything and constantly strives to better herself at archery, even though she's already unrivaled.











Request Chat (Saint Horn)

  • Maybe I have nothing to do with the situation here. I'm from Empyrean [sic Seon], and I understand you think of me as an outsider.
But Arad is where all my friends are, and I want to help them fight the Empire and the invisible threats behind it. What better reason do I need to join your cause?
  • I took this ship Saint Horn from Empyrean, well, without permission. At least she's being used for the Resistance's good cause.
  • Do you want to know how much my neck is worth?
Not much--10 trillion gold. Apparently, assassinating the commander doesn't cut it.
  • Practicing archery is similar to disciplining your mind: you have to focus on your target, while being aware of your surroundings.
Shooting arrows is easy, but hitting the bull's eye involves more than your vision and focus. In the meantime, thinking too much can interfere with your focus.

Request Chat (Underfoot) (Before Origin)

  • Too much friendliness is as bad as too much hostility. Let's keep a healthy distance between us, at least for now.
  • Any enemy of the Empire is our friend.
  • The wind feels as good as it does in Empyrean [sic Seon].

Idle (Saint Horn)

  • Whatever the bounty on my neck is, it's probably too low.
  • Mirage, behave!
  • The wind of Seon is very warm; just like a mother's embrace...
  • To think that the Saint Horn would become the stronghold for the Resistance...
  • (Mirage screeches)

Conversation start

  • My bow is at the ready.
  • Have you located the Empire's whereabouts?
  • Hey there.

Conversation end

  • In Seon, we don't say goodbye; we just smile.
  • You must be quite busy.
  • I will return to the oceans of Seon one day.





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  • Ludmilla's name is of Slavic origins from Eastern Europe consisting of two elements, lud ("people") and mila ("dear, love").
  • In the Korean version, Ludmilla's title is '신궁(神弓)' (singung) which if translated directly means 'God/Divine Bow'.


  • Her Halloween event costume could be a homage to Robin Hood.


  • Ludmilla's backstory is featured as the main character within the DFO Webtoon comic, Voyage.