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Slaugh Industrial Complex

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Slaugh Industrial Complex
Slaugh Screen.png
Location Empyrean: Eton Industrial Zone
Level Requirement Level 81
NPCs Brigadier General Navarre, Ria Richter, Farrel Wane, Mathias Nessman
Areas The Power Station
Bahn Hafen
Noblesky, Zelva

Slaugh Industrial Complex is the base of operations for expelling the Seventh Apostle "Flame Eater" Anton from Empyrean. Players can travel to Slaugh Industrial Complex by Beren Vonnegut's Oceanic Express, after finishing the necessary epic quest given at Level 81. It also serves as the only method of entering Noblesky. Players can also travel to Zelva via the Auxiliary Airbase.


The Metastasis of the 7th Apostle, Anton the Flame Eater, to Eton Industrial Area has brought total chaos to Empyrean's prime power source: The Power Station.

Long ago, Bakal, the King of Dragons banned magic from the entire Empyrean skies. As an alternative energy source, Empyrean built the Power Station in the Eton Industrial Area which feeds powers to all the facilities and installations.

Since Anton started to absorb this power, the entire nation has literally stopped. Because of this incident, the Kartels, once mere outlaws, successfully invaded and captured Ghent. Without missing this opportunity, they shattered the Imperial Armies into pieces.

The Imperial Army barely organized a battle array and launched a counterattack with adventurers' assistance. They won the war and reclaimed Ghent, but reaching the Power Station was a whole different story. Without the Power Station, the best they can do was maintaining defense line against the remnants of the Kartel and the Pirates.

Imperial Princess Erje wanted quick recovery of Ghent, so she assembled and dispatched a major assault force. But the troops were easily defeated by Anton and his minions, supplied with the overwhelming energies from the Power Station.

Imperial Army headquarters acknowledged the situation, and established strike missions to destroy four major generators in order to prevent Anton from withdrawing the Power Station's energies.

But, to reach each generator, the Guardians must be defeated. Mission success is now on your hand!

Map of Slaugh Industrial Complex


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Brigadier General Navarre Brigadier General Navarre Brigadier General of the Empyrean Army, APC, Head of the Power Station liberation operation Slaugh Central Street
Ria Richter Ria Richter Hologram Operator, Melvin Richter's Little Sister Slaugh Central Street
Farrel Wane Farrel Wane Inventor of the Landrunner, Boss Unique Merchant Slaugh Central Street
Mathias Nessman Mathias Nessman Orphan, Operator of the Crane Game Slaugh Eringhill Station
Beren Vonnegut Beren Vonnegut Boss Unique Merchant, Region Transportation: Slaugh Industrial Complex > Bahn Hafen Slaugh Eringhill Station

The Power Station

The Power Station is the dungeon area in Slaugh Industrial Complex. Players must be level 79 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 81 to 84.

Kore Power Plant.png
Furtz Power Plant.png
Trombe Power Plant.png
Grandine Power Plant.png
Slote Power Plant Escape.png
Energy Blocker.png
Power Station Locations.png