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Category:Power Station Dungeons

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Power Station
Power Station.png
Location Slaugh Industrial Complex
Min. Level 81
Level 81-83
Monster Level 82-84
End Boss Icon-Evanescent Ferman.png Evanescent Ferman
Map of Power Station
Loading Screen of Power Station

The Power Station is the dungeon area that succeeds the Time Gate and precedes Anton. Its dungeons are accessed from the Slaugh Industrial Complex which requires the player to be at least level 79 to enter.


Dungeon Name Level
Kore Power Plant.png Kore Power Plant 81-82
Furtz Power Plant.png Furtz Power Plant 81-82
Trombe Power Plant.png Trombe Power Plant 82-83
Grandine Power Plant.png Grandine Power Plant 83-84


Dungeon Name Level
Slote Power Plant Escape.png Slote Power Plant Escape 83-86
Energy Blocker.png Energy Blocker


  • Like with various locations within Empyrean, the Power Station dungeons have a German-naming motif:
    • Kore/Kohle - Coal
    • Fruz/Furtz - Fruit
    • Trombe - Whirlwind
    • Grandine - Hail

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