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Ria Richter

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RiaIcon.png Ria Richter
Age 17
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Operator
Alias N/A
Location Slaugh Industrial Complex: Slaugh Central Street

Ria Richter is the Hologram Operator, and is also Melvin Richter's little sister. She is located at Slaugh Central Street in Slaugh Industrial Complex.

After the events of Empyrean War, she becomes the Captain of the Philasia and is then permanently found there.


  • Quest giver
  • Operates the Video Communicator, which allows players to speak to certain NPCs at the cost of 10,000 Goldicon.png Gold.
  • Operates a shop on the Philasia, selling Ria's Communicator.png Ria's Communicator at the cost of 10,000 Goldicon.png Gold.



Conversation start

  • The mysterious tower that is sometimes visible on the other side of the sea is called Castle of the Dead. Castle of the Dead. What a terrifying name! No living man who's sane would dare get near the castle. Even the fearless Kartels fear it. Sometimes I can hear sinister laughter coming from that direction, and it terrifies me.
  • Hello. I'm Ria Richter. My brother Melvin told me a lot about you. He said you're strong and brave. I feel safe, knowing you're here to defeat Apostle Anton.

Conversation end



RiaRichter FullBody.jpg


Default Summer Halloween Christmas Lunar Festival


  • While not directly stated anywhere in DFOG, material in other servers confirms that she is an android.
    • In one of Mathias Nessman's chat dialogues, he reveals that Ria needs to charge.