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Category:Oceanic Express Dungeons

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Oceanic Express
Oceanic Express.png
Location Bahn Hafen
Min. Level 61
Level 71-74
Monster Level 74-77
End Boss Icon-Captain Rangelu.png Captain Rangelu
Map of Oceanic Express
Oceanic Express Loading Screen
Lawless District Loading Screen

The Oceanic Express is an express train accessed from Bahn Hafen in Empyrean, as well as the dungeon area succeeding Antwer Canyon and preceding the Time Gate. Players must be at least Level 71 in order to enter the dungeons.


"The Kartel's invasion of Ghent was made possible by the seizure of the Oceanic Express. The Kartel doesn't have a dedicated Navy, so the taking of the Oceanic Express was entrusted to the notorious Iron Scale Pirates and their cohorts of the sea. To get to the Kartel headquarters in the Lawless District, you must head due west of the Ospins Islands. The fastest way to get there is by taking the Oceanic Express; reclaim this line from the Iron Scale pirates, and bring an end to piracy and the Kartel’s hold in Empyrean."


Dungeon Name Level
Iron Scale.png Iron Scale 61-64
Runaway West-Bound.png Runaway West-Bound 62-65
Shrouded Heiz.png Shrouded Heiz 63-66
Battle at Arden City.png Battle at Arden City 64-67

Loop of Circulation

Dungeon Name Level
Ocean Rail.png Ocean Rail 72-74

Scenario only

Dungeon Name Level
Ghost Train.png Ghost Train
Lawless District Post.png Lawless District Post
Kartel Headquarters.png Kartel Headquarters


Dungeon Name Level
Pursue the Express Train.png Pursue the Express Train 68-69
PiratesDeck.png Pirate's Deck 65-68
CaptainsQuarters.png Captain's Quarters 65-68

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