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Pursue the Express Train

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Pursue the Express Train
Pursue the Express Train.png
Location Oceanic Express
Min. Level 68
Level 68-69
Monster Level 69
End Boss Commodore Cannonhand and Admiral Von Beornan


The Pirates, after losing their seatrain, have hijacked the express train to run away with their hoard of riches. You follow them on a jet boat to catch up, maneuvering through explosives that the Pirates have left on the sea to impede you. You get on their train at last, and meet a woman who needs your help.


At the start of the dungeon you will be put into a Speedboat. The goal of the Speedboat game is to hit as many Merman and Quong Quong that you can while avoiding any Boxes and Mines that show up. If you make it to the end without dying you will get a variety of buffs including enhanced EXP, Gold, and Drop Rate. Crash the speedboat and you will receive none of these buffs. Once you are on board the train, you will meet a Female Brawler APC named Hotaru. If you keep her alive until you reach the boss room you will fight Commodore Cannonhand and Admiral Von Beornarn. If she dies before you reach the boss room you will only fight Commodore Cannonhand and you will get less EXP and loot as a result.

  • Move AWAY from the WARNING indications. Sometimes they're in a pattern and in one of the Speedboat maps (since its random), you must get the Booster Up.
  • Red Bomb obstacles do more damage to the boat than boxes.
  • Mermen - 40g each
  • Quong Quong's - 200g each
  • Buffs after Speedboat phase completed - 250 STR,VIT,SPIRIT,INT Attack,Movement,Casting 20%
  • Added benefit Unique Drop 120%
  • Added benefit EXP 100% (awarded after completion)
  • Turn away from the Flash bang (looks like a red ball falling) that happens TWICE - look for the black thing on the floor.
  • Treasure box at the bottom left-hand side always drops 3 Mysterious Stones.
  • After keeping Hotaru alive, bosses start off with Slow debuff on them. Very efficient on THESE bosses.


Map pursuitexpress.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Fatigue Points:

8 (Spent at entry)


  • Mermaidea Warrior
  • Mermaidea Mage
  • Chompers
  • Platy
  • Guppy
  • Leatherback
  • Terrapin


  • Scarbelly
  • Razor Tooth
  • One-Eyed Annie
  • Masked Masakame


Commodore Cannonhand and Admiral Von Beornan


  • Commodore Cannonhand has several new abilities compared to his appearance in Iron Scale. He can use a flash bang grenade to blind the entire room depending on player facing, and bounce players around the room.
  • The floating down "red orb" flashes and places skills on Cooldown when turned towards it.
  • Bosses have large HP but less defense.
  • Bosses are more difficult than the original.


Hotaru, as she appears in Cyphers
  • One of the Speedboat maps spells out two words out of mermen saying "READY GO !!!"
  • Hotaru is a reference to a character of the same name from Cyphers, another game developed by Neople.