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Admiral Von Beornan

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Icon-Admiral Von Beornan.png
Admiral Von Beornan

Move List

Techniques include:

  • Combo attacks players with punches and kicks.
  • Withdraws into his shell and says "Think you're faster than me?". After a brief pause he will spin towards a player dealing damage before turning around to hit them again. Super armored attack so grabbing him before or during the move is recommended. Running away before he starts spinning sometimes causes him to spin in place if he is off screen. If he fails to hit a player he will continue onwards, spinning into a wall for a few seconds.
  • At certain health intervals when attacked, he will generate a fire aura around him, greatly damaging anyone near him. Avoid standing too close to him near the beginning and half-way through the battle.
  • Begins casting and says "Tribe's Secret Technique." Once finished he will damage and possibly stun players in an area in front of him.
  • Begins casting and says "Surprise! Flame Wind Blow". Once finished he will teleport behind a player and uppercut them and then proceed to combo them for a few hits. Keep running to avoid the initial uppercut or simply grab him while he is casting.


Hit and run attacks are preferred. Try to be out of his melee range after you knock him down not only to avoid the shock wave but also to avoid any combo attacks he may try. Always save at least one grab to use on his spinning attack or use a move that gives invincibility so he stops spinning early.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.