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Category:Special Dungeons

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Special Dungeons are new type of Dungeons that was introduced in the Metastasis Update. They are the highest level dungeon in an area and they all have some sort of gimmick that makes them stand out from normal dungeons. Other differences include:

  • Special Dungeons cost 8 Fatigue Points to run. You will not consume additional FP per room even if the dungeon has more than 8 rooms
  • Unique drop rates are higher in Special Dungeons. Special Dungeons do not drop Boss Unique Items.
  • Special Dungeons drop Mysterious Meteor.png Mysterious Meteors which can be exchanged with Seria for Jars of Equipment or Boxes of Colored Meteorites.
  • Rewards Dimensional Seal stones when completing the quest for each dungeon.

Special Dungeons

Dungeon Name Level
Forgotten Forest.png Forgotten Forest 16-19
Village of the Confined.png Village of the Confined 26-29
Gold King's Secret Cave.png Gold King's Secret Cave 36-39
Fanatics.png Fanatics 45-48
Frost Cave.png Frost Cave 53-56
Mt.Hardt Showdown.png Mt.Hardt Showdown 63-66
Pursue the Express Train.png Pursue the Express Train 68-71
Time Break.png Time Break 78-81
Slote Power Plant Escape.png Slote Power Plant Escape 83-86
The Watchers of Natram.png The Watchers of Natram 84-87
Twin Golem's Betrayal.png Twin Golem's Betrayal 84-87
Sanctum of Kulunchad.png Sanctum of Kulunchad 84-87
King's Archive.png King's Library 85-88