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Mt.Hardt Showdown

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Mt.Hardt Showdown
Mt.Hardt Showdown.png
Location Antwer Canyon
Min. Level 63
Level 63-66
Monster Level 66
End Boss Hyena Kief


After the Kartel was decimated by brave adventurers and Ghent elite soldiers, the remnants ran and set up shop in Mount Hardt in North Ghent. Their leader Hyena Kief has fixed up Mecha Gisel that Gisel left behind and been riding it. The sky above his camp is covered by a formidable missile tower that he built with the resources he could find. If they're left alone, they could regroup and strike Ghent. Infiltrate Mount Hardt, destroy the missile tower, pick up your Assaultroid, and eliminate Hyena Kief and his soldiers.


You must destroy all four air defense towers before you can go into the boss room. You have 5:00 minutes to destroy all four air defense towers. If you successfully destroy all four within the time limit, you will have a powerful, rideable G-0 Battleroid, or Assaultroid, to use against the boss. If you are unsuccessful you will have to fight him without it and you will get less loot and exp


  • Even if you clear all four towers in under 5:00, if you do not enter the boss room inside the Assaultroid, the game will treat it as if you didn't clear it in under 5:00 and you will get the reward penalty.
  • The party leader cannot enter the Assaultroid. This does not happen when soloing.
  • Creators may not be able to move after entering the boss room while in the Assaultroid. Creators may have to get out and back in if this occurs.

Assaultroid Functions

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If you manage to clear all the Missile Towers, you will have access to an Assaultroid, a rideable G-0 Battleroid, upon going back to room B2. The Assaultroid can be ridden into the boss room and you will be able to fight numerous Kartel Soldiers. The Assaultroid has the following functions:

  • Basic attacks consists of Machine Guns. Machine Guns can overheat, leading to a small cooldown period. Proper usage can lead to an endless rain of bullets.
  • Jump becomes an invincible backward dash. Useful for avoiding heavy fire.


Map MountainShowdown.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Fatigue Points:

8 (Spent at entry)



  • GT Proto
  • HM-8 Gusto
  • Big Gun Dorian
  • Raid Trooper Maron



Hyena Kief