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Category:Antwer Canyon Dungeons

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Antwer Canyon
Antwer Canyon.png
Location Ghent
Min. Level 63
Level 63-70
Monster Level 66-73
End Boss Icon-Mecha Gizel.png  Mecha Gizel
Map of Antwer Canyon
Loading Screen of Antwer Canyon

Ghent: Antwer Canyon

Antwer Canyon is the dungeon area that succeeds the Inverted Waterfall and precedes the Oceanic Express. Its dungeons are only accessible from Ghent, in Empyrean. Players must be at least level 63 to enter.

Description (Outdated)

"Using the Ice Dragon Skasa's Horn, Dungeon Fighters were able to make it past the Pentacle that protected Empyrean. However, while they were expecting a beautiful landscape, instead they saw the flames of war. It appears that Ghent, the capital of Empyrean, was embroiled in war with the vicious Kartels. However, the Imperial Army's numbers are dwindling and making things worse is the fact that Ghent is without power due to Flame Eater Anton taking up residence in the Power Station. Coupled with the Kartel's new technological advances, things are looking grim. It's now up to the Dungeon Fighters to help repel the Kartel's armies and bring peace back to Empyrean."


Dungeon Name Level
Ghent Outskirts.png Ghent Outskirts 53-56
East Ghent Gate.png East Ghent Gate 54-57
South Ghent Gate.png South Ghent Gate 55-58
North Ghent Gate.png North Ghent Gate 56-59
Ghent Battlefield.png Ghent Battlefield 57-60
Midnight Assault.png Midnight Assault 58-61
Kartel Supply Camp.png Kartel Supply Camp 59-62
Final Pursuit.png Final Pursuit 60-63

Loop of Circulation

Dungeon Name Level
Mount Hardt.png Mount Hardt 65-70

Quest only

Dungeon Name Level
Inside Canyon.png Inside Canyon
Ghent Mutiny- Counteroffensive.png Ghent Mutiny: Counteroffensive
Ghent Lodgment.png Ghent Lodgment
Outpost.png Outpost
Supply Base.png Supply Base
Kartel Main Forces.png Kartel Main Forces
Mt.Hardt Showdown.png Mt.Hardt Showdown
Ghent Castle Gate.png Ghent Castle Gate 90

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