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Kartel Supply Camp

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Kartel Supply Camp
Kartel Supply Camp.png
Location Antwer Canyon
Min. Level 69
Level 69-72
Monster Level 72
End Boss UM-0 Ultimatum


Based on new intel, the Kartel has fool-heartedly stashed the majority of their supplies in one central location. Dungeon Fighters, you must destroy their supplies before they are en route to the front lines. Destroy the supplies. Destroy their forces. Bring an end to this bloodshed.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Supply camp map.PNG
Min Fatigue: 9
Max Fatigue: 12


Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
UM-0 Musket.png UM-0 Musket Musket 60 P. Atk. +668
M. Atk. +581
I. Atk. +396
STR +47
INT +72
G-14 Buster Skill Lvl + 1
G-35L Flash Bang Skill Lvl + 1
G-18C Freeze Grenade Skill Lvl + 1
G-14 Buster Skill Lvl + 1
G-35L Flash Bang Skill Lvl + 1
G-18 Freeze Grenade Skill Lvl + 1
Ultimatum Battery.png Ultimatum Battery Knuckle 60 P. Atk. +631
M. Atk. +765
I. Atk. +396
INT +47
Casting Speed +2 %
UM-0 Electric Bomb.png UM-0 Electric Bomb Pole 65 P. Atk. +777
M. Atk. +648
I. Atk. +381
STR +51
INT +51
Hit Rate +1 %