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Gizel Logan

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Gizel Logan
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation Seven Shards (Formerly), Kartel (Formerly), Kashipa
Occupation Scientist, Kartel Adviser (Formerly)
Location Unknown

Dr. Gizel Logan is a Empyrean Scientist specializing in engineering and former Seven Shards member who would leave due to his hatred towards Melvin Richter and eventually sided with the Kartels Antwer Canyon's quest-line in Ghent serving a primary antagonist role. He would later resurface working for the Kashipa during Pandemonium War sometime after Luke's death. Gizel is known to be quite a intelligent, cunning, arrogant, yet cowardly individual.


Pandemonium War Lore:

This was totally unexpected. She was right: it really exists! Some say that some things that can't be explained by science don't exist. They're wrong. Take a look at this world of the Apostles and otherworldly beings. And this wonderful source of abundant energy—the Abyss! They exist, don't they? *Chuckle* Melvin would faint if he knew! I don't care how great he is—I've discovered the Abyss first! I'm not going to let him steal it from me.

Now, what can I do with it? I'm getting all kinds of brilliant ideas! I could improve the weapon I made out of a piece of Abyss. Or I could make good use of the Kashipas who dragged me here. They implant the Abyss in themselves to use its power. The idea alone is wonderfully insane! *Chuckle* I could modify their bodies. They're dying, anyway, and modification is my area of expertise.

Or... Oh, yes! I almost forgot about the amazing knowledge and materials I discovered inside the Castle of the Dead. I also hear that the adventurer who destroyed Kartel is around here... *Chuckle* The Dark Eyes is also bothered by this adventurer. Maybe I should show a little bit of gratitude to my temporary host.

Alright, let's get to work! [1]

Pandemonium War Character Book:

Male of unknown age.

He once was one of the Seven Shards, and the most brilliant of them all. This changed when Melvin Richter joined the group and outshone him. Gizel left the Shards and turned to Kartel

He led Kartel's weapon development and helped it cultivate enough military power to infiltrate the Capital Island and abduct the Princess. Eventually, it invaded the entire Island.

He hates Melvin Richter so much that he's willing to do almost anything to best him. He's even stooped to unspeakable experiments involving animal dissection and human body modification that normal, ethical scientists would never do.

After Kartel was dissolved, the Empyrean Army stormed his lab, but by that time, he was already gone with all his research materials. He's currently at large, but rumor has it that he's recently been seen climbing the Castle of the Dead. [2]


As an Enemy (Final Pursuit)

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Mecha Gizel
Mecha Gizel.gif

Gizel is the Kartel's scientist mastermind behind all of their advance technology and genetic experiments. He faces off against Adventurers in Final Pursuit as a end boss on his Mecha Gizel.


  • Charges forward in super armor and knocks down any players in his way.
  • Swings a giant chainsaw that deals mild damage.
  • Fires a salvo of missiles that lock onto random players. Missiles leave the ground on fire and will cause burning to players that move in them.
  • Summons a mechanic to repair him.
  • Summons a GX-5 Sparky Gamma and GX-8 Beta to support him.


  • Gizel will begin the fight doing his basic chainsaw attack and sometimes charging at players.
  • When you see him getting ready to charge move up for down the y-axis to avoid it.
  • Gammas are deadly if you don't deal with them before splitting apart, especially if there are multiple ones on the map. Each one can cause massive hitstun to players when opened up.
  • Betas will increase Gizel's defense dramatically and weaken all your attacks on Gizel, so take them out as quickly as possible. *When he begins his missile salvo try to move to his backside and be ready to dodge like crazy. When soloing the missiles will usually lock onto the single player.
  • Use ground attacks to destroy the mechanical rats or dodge them to avoid getting electrocuted. The electrocution damage is significant when getting hit with his missile salvo
  • When you see Gizel begin to summon time robots, have your party spread out to destroy them. Even if one remains when time is up Gizel will still be brought back to full health.
  • A debuff skill is helpful when he Gizel gains the speed and evasion buff.
  • Stunlocking this boss is very effective when you have a party and he will be unable to pull off any attacks.



As an Enemy (Organization! The Kartel)

A younger Gizel appears as a Sub-boss during the Time Gate dungeons. He functions very similar to that of his Final Pursuit fight, but the mech he rides in is a prototype and does not wield various weapons.

As an Enemy (Pandemonium War)

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Gizel makes his return in Pandemonium War now siding with the Kashipa as a hidden boss and riding in a newly built mech. The chances of him appearing are small, but defeating him rewards players with Rune Ore.png Rune Ores through a bonus card flip.

Move Set

  • Drones: Gizel is assisted by flying drones that will attack party members.
  • Machine Gun: A yellow AoE zone appears infront of him and prepares to fire, dealing multi-hit damage upon contact.
  • Missle Bombing: From Iron Beast's Missile Barrage, Gizel launches out numerous missles into the sky and bombards downwards onto the floor.
  • Chainsaw: At close range, Gizel charges up to swing down a larger version of his previous Mecha's attack.
  • Laser Blast: The drones fly down to fire out a laser shot similar to that of Grieving Buffon's Laser Gun, minus the lingering effect.
  • Drill Suction: Copying Lamenting Lampard's pattern, The drones will summon a drill and chases after players within' a yellow line zone and drops the drill into the ground creating a suction area that pulls them in for heavy to potentially lethal damage.
  • Nuclear Fist: Using Kalbarri's Gauntlets, The drone suspends the gauntlets and rushes towards the player. When it hits, it throws them high and then drops it, and as it falls, a shock wave is generated over a wide range, causing damage to other players.




  • His name is a altered spelling of Gisselle that's given to girls, originating from the German word "gisíl" meaning "pledge".
  • Gizel's character and design takes inspiration from Desty Nova, who is also a mad scientist featured in Battle Angel Alita.
  • The red visor scope seen in his Pandemonium War artwork looks very identical to a Virtual Boy, one of Nintendo's gaming consoles.