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Luke, the Constructor
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Unknown
Occupation Ninth Apostle
Location Pandemonium
I am afraid. I am Luke, the king of Heblon and the monarch of light and darkness—I can't die such a pathetic death! It can't be a premonition! I won't die. I'll change fate if I must. I'll prove that premonition is wrong. I'll create something in my likeness, so that they could die instead of me. I'll also create the strongest warriors that will allow no enemies near me.

Luke, also known as The One Who Touches Earth Without A Word and The King of Heblon, is the ninth Apostle of Pandemonium. Ever since his birth, Luke's blood drove him into a life of endless constructing. While much about Luke still remains unknown, it was him who showed Bakal many events of the future, including the death of the Apostles, and what that entailed.

Luke serves as the central antagonist of the Pandemonium quest-line and final boss of the Luke's Laboratory dungeons.


Luke was originally the king of Heblon, a kingdom that is located on a planet different from where the game takes place. Due to unknown reasons, Luke was teleported to Pandemonium and had lost his memories. During this time, the kingdom of Heblon had fallen due to his absence.

Since then, Luke had been exploited by Apostles Hilder and Bakal to construct vast structures across Pandemonium for thousands of years, including the Castle of the Dead and re-building the Metro Center. After completing endless structures, he eventually regained his memories of Heblon. Distraught, he decided to turn Pandemonium into a new Heblon.

At some point, he had caught wind of Hilder's prophecy regarding the eventual death of all Apostles. Fearing for his life, he grew increasingly paranoid and desperate, even going so far as to create an immortal army to fend off Hilder's forces. By the time the Adventurer arrives in Arad, Luke had released the Black Nightmare into Arad, which was used to extract light and dark energies from Arad in order to empower himself.

As the Adventurer attempts to travel to Pandemonium through the Castle of the Dead in Zelva, Luke's defenses had grown significantly. He is declared as a threat by the De Los Empire and Empyreans, who decides that he must be stopped for the sake of Arad's survival. The Adventurer, alongside Empyrean and Imperial forces, eventually break past Luke's magical barrier within the Castle of the Dead and meet him face to face.

If the Adventurer did not side the Grim Seekers, Luke is slain by them, who was empowered with Hilder's blessing. If the Adventurer sided with the Grim Seekers, they, alongside Kasijas, attempt to persuade Luke that his dream of rebuilding Heblon can become a reality, but the destruction of Arad is not the answer. Luke briefly contemplates on Kasijas's words, but is slain by Vaughn Walshuted before he can respond.

Upon his death, a portion of his essence was absorbed by Vaughn Walshuted as it drifted into the air. Furthermore, Gizel appears from a portal and collected something from Luke's body, though it is unknown what it was exactly.

As an Enemy

Icon-Constructor Luke.png
Constructor Luke

Move Set

  • Energy Aura: Luke throughout the entire fight will always have an armor-like aura that makes him invincible, mitigates damage to a bare minimum and cannot be held or stunned while it's active. In order to damage Luke, he must receive at least 250 - 300 hits for the aura to dissipate that causes the "Light/Darkness is scattering..." message to appear.
    • Scattering/Gathering: Luke's aura is gone and he is vulnerable to damage. There is a timer gauge below to see how long scattering remains before he fully regenerates his aura with the message "Light/Darkness is gathering!" appears.
  • Luke's Prophecy:
    • (Lumen) "I see the fear in your eyes! Let time travel backward!"
    • (Caligo) "Succumb to the darkness. The hour of darkness has arrived."
    • Luke jumps to the top-center of the screen and begins to create a huge barrier around himself with a timer gauge below that starts to fill up. Players must destroy this barrier immediately once he begins using this move before casting is complete, failure will result in Luke lifting up party members laughing at them while saying "Feel how helpless you are!" The screen flashes white with their skills reset on max cooldown and HP drained.
  • Barrier Seal:
    • Luke selects the player furthest away and places a barrier upon them:
    • (Lumen) Skill Seal: Above the player's head shows six skills of their class that are locked and shouldn't be used while the barrier is in effect until it fades out. If that player uses said-sealed skill, they'll be instantly killed and the barrier transfers over to another player.
    • (Caligo) Dark Seal: The player with the highest HP will be trapped and cannot move at all. This barrier can be destroyed by other party members to set them free, otherwise they'll end up being an easy target for Luke's attacks and this too can be transferred over if the trapped player dies.
  • Meteors: Luke summons several meteors that is thrown at the players with explosive properties. He's invulnerable during this move and players are flung in the air upon being hit. Can be avoided by staying still and above Luke's Y-Axis.
  • Energy Laser:
    • (Lumen) Triple Shot: Luke fires out three lasers, shooting from the middle, the top, and then the bottom. Not difficult to avoid, but can be flung or juggled if the attack connects.
    • (Caligo) Laser Tracker: Luke chooses the player furthest and randomly targets them with a giant tracking laser, following the selected player. It leaves a trail on the floor and stepping on it will cause damage. Targeted players will have a marker below their feet so do your best to move away from party members if you're being followed by one.
  • Melee: Luke randomly jumps towards to a player and rapidly punches them, dealing moderate to high damage.
  • Earthquake: Luke creates explosions in a horizontally straight line. It deals minor damage and players can be juggled upon contact.
  • Energy Sphere Barrage: "This is my power!" Luke summons a mass amount of energy spheres launches them down at players. They deal moderate damage and are very fast traveling, making it difficult to avoid. They have explosive properties that knocks down players and leaves traces on the ground where stepping or falling into them causes continuous damage until fading away.
  • Cross Blast: Luke will become dark and invulnerable to where he'll start casting a move. Party members who are furthest away will also receive a cast bar, including an aura below them. Once the bar is filled, a cross shaped explosion will occur that spreads through out the room.
  • Reflection Mode:
    • (Lumen) "I'll return the favor!" After Luke sustains a certain amount of damage and for a short period of time, Luke will activate this mode that collects and shoots back projectile-based moves at the party. Players getting hit by their own projectiles will most likely kill them.
    • (Caligo) "Your power...fuels me." Similar to Lumen reflect, except that multi-hitting Luke will cause him to retaliate by spraying out numerous dark spheres at the party. Because of this, it's better to refrain from attacking him while the mode is active.
Empowered Luke


  • Fury Storm: If Luke is dealt with too many multi-hits or lingering holds, he'll pull the entire party into a circle where they're immobilized and cannot move out of it, rapidly attacking them before dealing the final blow that can fling players right in the air, dealing heavy to lethal damage upon each hit. The move itself looks very similar to Blade Master's 1st Awakening.







  • Luke's character takes inspiration from Lugh, one of the most prominent gods in Irish mythology portrayed as a warrior, king, master craftsman and a hero.
  • The plot device, Deus ex machina also seems to play a role surrounding Luke during the Pandemonium storyline.
  • Each of Luke's commanders in Luke's Laboratory have a ranking that is synonymous to that of one of the twenty-two Major Arcana from a European Tarot card deck.
# Name Monster Name
Tarot Card 0.png
The Fool Icon-Red Clown.png Red Clown
Tarot Card 1.png
The Magician Icon-Purging Snader.png Purging Snader
Tarot Card 2.png
The High Priestess Icon-Becky.png Mass-produced Becky
Tarot Card 3.png
The Empress Icon-Hyperspeed Zakeline.png Hyperspeed Zakeline
Tarot Card 4.png
The Emperor Icon-Quatro Manus Mark-II.png Quatro Manus Mark-II
Tarot Card 5.png
The Hierophant Icon-Oblivious Aslan.png Oblivious Aslan
Tarot Card 6.png
The Lovers Icon-Large-armed Prince Golgotha.png Large-armed Prince Golgotha
Icon-Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri.png Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri
Tarot Card 7.png
The Chariot Icon-Lamenting Lampard.png Lamenting Lampard
Tarot Card 8.png
Strength Icon-Iron Beast.png Iron Beast
Tarot Card 9.png
The Hermit Icon-Hatred Veil.png Hatred Veil
Tarot Card 10.png
Wheel of Fortune Icon-Fortuneteller Rosaura.png Fortuneteller Rosaura
Tarot Card 11.png
Justice Icon-Light Idol Horus.png Light Idol Horus
Tarot Card 12.png
The Hanged Man Icon-Grieving Buffon.png Grieving Buffon
Tarot Card 13.png
Death Icon-Contamination Carina.png Contamination Carina
Tarot Card 14.png
Temperance Icon-Wrecking Haboob.png Wrecking Haboob
Tarot Card 15.png
The Devil Icon-Evil Sword Veara.png Evil Sword Veara
Tarot Card 16.png
The Tower Icon-Metal Gear Canaps.png Metal Gear Canaps
Tarot Card 17.png
The Star Icon-The Seven Mistral.png The Seven Mistral
Tarot Card 18.png
The Moon Icon-Moonlight Walker Yashin.png Moonlight Walker Yashin
Tarot Card 19.png
The Sun Icon-High-reinforced Argos.png High-reinforced Argos
Tarot Card 20.png
Judgement Icon-Dark Idol Anubis.png Dark Idol Anubis
Tarot Card 21.png
The World Icon-Nightmarish Nerbe.png Nightmarish Nerbe